Annotated Bibliography As a step in researching and documentation, an annotated 

Annotated Bibliography
 As a step in researching and documentation, an annotated
bibliography goes beyond a simple listing of resources.
 Along with the regular bibliographical format of referencing, an
annotated bibliography includes a paragraph about the resources
and why it is being considered within your research.
 After the reference, in APA format, the paragraph will justify why the
resource was consulted and what type of information the source
will add to your paper
 Not all of the sources listed in your annotated bibliography will
become part of your finished paper. The sources may change
completely or partially.
 The sources that are not used in your final paper will be listed in a
Works Consulted
 Each entry is numbered in an annotated bibliography, not in
alphabetical order.
 This process allows you to seriously consider the merits of each
 The paragraph is not indented and is single spaced.
Sproule, Wayne.(1994). People in Perspective. Scarborough:
Prentice-Hall Canada.
The information within chapter four outlines the motives and reactions that
humans have when dealing with emotions. Specifically, the chapter
provides information regarding love and how humans express this emotion
and whether or not it is solely a human characteristic, including Harlows’
experiments with rhesus monkeys. In chapter six, information regarding
personality development and later in chapter eight, information regarding
human communication development will directly address my thesis
statement regarding the value of human altruism.