UH/Rice Empirical Micro Seminar – Spring 2007

UH/Rice Empirical Micro Seminar – Spring 2007
January 16
Steve Puller, Texas A&M
“The Effects of Government Transfers on Monthly Cycles in Drug Abuse,
Crime and Mortality”
February 27
Robert Town (University of Minnesota)
“Managed Care, Drug Benefits and Mortality: An Analysis of the Elderly”
March 6
Petra Todd, University of Pennsylvania
“The Production of Cognitive Achievement in Children: Home, School
and Racial Test Score Gaps”
March 20
Han Ming Fan, Yale University
“Dynamic Inefficiencies in Employment-Based Health Insurance System:
Theory and Evidence”
March 27
Mike Conlin, Michigan State University
“The Performance of the Pivotal-Voter Model in Small-Scale Elections:
Evidence from Texas Liquor Referenda”
April 3
Joanna Lahey, Texas A&M Bush School
“Vice and Comstockery: Abortion Access and the 19th Century
Demographic Transition”
April 10
Till von Wachter, Columbia University
Seminar Cancelled
April 17
Mireille Jacobson, UC Irvine
“The Impact of Cost Shocks on California's Hospitals: A Differential
April 24
Rohini Pande, Kennedy School of Government
“Parochial Politics: Ethnic Preferences and Political Corruption”
May 1
Glenn Harrison, University of Central Florida
“Dynamic Choice Behavior in a Natural Experiment”