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Core French
10 Academic
A textbook will be issued to each student. It is expected that the student will maintain the textbook in
the condition in which it was issued. The student will be required to pay for lost or damaged books, at a
cost of $55.00.
A student workbook, “Cahier d’exercices”, which is used to supplement the textbook, must be purchased
by every student. It may be purchased through your French teacher ($15).
Be prepared for every class! It is important that you arrive to each class with the following items:
- workbook (cahier d’exercices)
- 3-ring binder
- blue/black & red pens
- pencils, erasers, rulers
- loose leaf paper
- French/English – English/French dictionary (can be purchased from any bookstore)
Each student is required to bring to every class a binder that is to be used only for French. The
notebook must be able to hold three-hole punched paper.
1) Have lots of lined paper;
2) Keep your notebook neat and organized;
3) Date each entry, indicate title, page and exercise numbers;
4) Correct written work carefully to ensure that the material covered has been understood.
* Be prepared to have your notebook evaluated for accuracy and completeness at any time.
Class will begin promptly every day at 10:45 am. When you arrive to class, sit down and ready yourself
to begin working. Refrain from talking, leaving your seat, or taking washroom breaks. If these are
however necessary, please ask permission beforehand. If for some legitimate reason you cannot be
there at that time, then you must have an admit slip. Please knock before entering.
Students are expected to make a concentrated effort to speak only in French during French class.
If an assignment is not submitted at the beginning of the period that it is due, 5% of the assignment’s
total value will be deducted immediately and a subsequent 5% will be deducted for each day that it is
late up to a maximum of 10%. Please refer to the second pages 19-22 of the Student Handbook.
Students will be given different evaluations: language knowledge, oral, listening, and reading. Students
will be informed ahead of time in order to study and prepare for these tests. Students are expected to
be in attendance for all tests and oral presentations on the assigned date. If absent for a test, it is to be
written the day of your return. Please refer to the Student Handbook (page 20) for more details.
Students should expect homework for every class. Students will be given time in class to begin the
homework. This allows the student to consult with the teacher regarding the assignment. If no
homework is assigned, the student is expected to review material previously covered. Marks will be
deducted if your work is incomplete, you are late, you have forgotten materials, you are caught with
gum, or if you are out of uniform (KEEP SHIRTS TUCKED IN!).
Please note that completed homework means that ALL questions have been attempted. This sends a
clear message to the teacher that the student is experiencing difficulties but put for the best effort
Homework will be checked regularly. In the event that the student is absent from class due to illness or
a school-related activity, it will be the student’s responsibility to find out what homework assignment
was missed. You are expected to complete the homework for the day you return. In order to facilitate
this, each student is required to have three student contacts from the class. Although student contacts
are not responsible for completing the homework, they are asked to relay information as accurately and
completely as possible.
Student Contact #1 ________________________________ Phone #____________________
Student Contact #2 ________________________________ Phone #____________________
Student Contact #3 ________________________________ Phone #____________________
If you are experiencing any difficulty at all in any area of the program, please approach the teacher
immediately! Extra help is available to students every Wednesday after school, or by appointment on the
understanding that the student has kept up with his/her work and completed corrections. If you wait too
long a minor problem can become a MAJOR one, so do not hesitate to ask!
Please refer to pages 31-32 & the second page 23 of the Student Handbook. In terms of this course, any
use of a translation device on the computer used during quizzes, tests, dialogues, assignments, or exams
will carry with it the same penalty (a mark of 0) as mentioned in the Student Handbook.
The final mark in FSF 2D1 will be based on the following mark distribution:
Term Mark: 70%
Knowledge / Understanding
Thinking / Inquiry
Final Evaluation: 30%
Paper & pencil exam
Culminating Performance Task
I have read and understood all the Student Responsibilities listed. I will strive to fulfill them to the best
of my abilities.
Student Signature: _____________________________________
I have read the Student Responsibilities sheet with my son/daughter.
Parent/Guardian Signature(s): _____________________________________
If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher. The
Moderns Department can be reached at 905-789-5560 x 79335.