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Global Education is …
Human Rights Education
Development Education
Peace Education
Environmental Education
Citizenship Education
Futures Education
Multicultural/Bicultural Education
Global education is
about recognising that we live in an
interdependent world
It is lifelong learning, which:
 explores the links between people
 increases understanding of the economic, social,
political and environmental forces which shape our lives
 develops the skills, attitudes and values which enable
people to work together to take action to bring about
 Helps to encourage the capacity for critical analysis.
Critical literacy…
is an educational practice that focuses on the
relationship between
 Helps to encourage the capacity for critical analysis.
Critical literacy can help learners:
 Engage with complex local/global processes and diverse
 Examine the origins and implications of their own and other people’s
 Negotiate change, to transform relationship, to think independently
and to make responsible and conscious choices about their own
lives and how they effect the lives of others.
 Live with and learn from difference and conflict and to prevent
conflict from escalating to aggression and violence.
 Establish ethical, responsible and caring relationships within and
beyond their identity groups.
Awareness of Refugee
“Some people say stuff about
refugees. They talk on the TV,
no eating, even think that we
have no clothes, that only
when we came to New Zealand
we started wearing clothes,
started a good life. We had a
good life in my country, we
had the good things, a good
place (before the war). Some
people don’t understand. Only
from the TV, ‘one dollar a
Age 37, Ethiopia
A refugee is
“A person who,
owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted
for reasons of
race, religion, nationality,
membership of a particular social group
or political opinion
is outside the country of his/her nationality and
is unable, or owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail
him/herself of the protection of that country.”
1951 United Nations Convention relating to the status of refugees
Refugees in the Classroom
I am very happy to be here. The day I entered.
New Zealand was like a rebirth for me. It was
kind of hard at first because I couldn’t speak
English. School was particularly hard because the
language, culture and manners are all so
different here. It took me ages to adjust.
I was teased at school about war and where I
had came from. It would be helpful if kids could
be more open minded about where we’ve come
from and what we’ve faced. Refugees should be
made to get an education and to up-skill. Most of
us are dropping out of school and working at Pak
n Save. Increasing our skills improves our sense
of self worth and through achieving we can prove
to the government that we are thankful to be
• Martin, 18, Assyrian refugee
 Helps to encourage the capacity for critical analysis.
Border Control
Who gets in?
Thousands of Belgian refugees reaching Holland from Antwerp, WWI
The Globa Daisy
Refugee simulation
Pack your suitcase!
Being a refugee
means losing your