Guardian Angels Catholic Elementary School

Guardian Angels Catholic Elementary School
62 Heatherdale Dr., Brampton, Ontario L7A 2H4
Tel.: 905-595-0909 Fax.: 905-846-6932
Newsletter #8
May 2013
Principal: T. Waters
Vice Principal:T. Owens
Secretary: B. Waud
Asst. Secretary: G. Odoardi
School Website:
Parish: Guardian Angels (905) 970-9175
Pastor: Father J. Gogolewski
Trustee: Linda Zanella Brampton Wards 2,5,6 (905) 579-0126
School Council Chair: K. Italiano
Superintendent: C. Pitoscia
Superintendent: A. Tucciarone (905) 890-1221
Rev. Fr. Jan Gogolewski
Rectory: 46 Elsinore Street, Brampton, ON L7A 1Z7
Phone: 905-970-9175
E mail: [email protected]
Masses are held at St. Edmund Campion Secondary School,
275 Brisdale Drive, Brampton, ON L7A 3C7.
Masses will be held on:
5:00 pm
9:00 am, 10:30 am and 12:00 pm
7:30 am
We continue to have parents who expect students to
be called from the classroom for a variety of reasons.
Please be advised that instructional time will not be
interrupted, unless there is a clear emergency. Any
arrangements that at times precipitate these
interruptions should be made prior to the child coming
to school in the morning. Please inform your child’s
teacher in writing if you will need to pick up your child
for a medical appointment that could not be arranged
after school hours.
Your Child’s Safety
Children are supervised by Dufferin-Peel CDSB staff
beginning at 8:45 am. Do not drop off your children at
school before this time.
Monday, May 13, 2013
No School for Students
To Light, To Guard, To Rule and Guide – Guardian Angels
God of grace and love, we pray for your richest
blessing upon all mothers:
We thank you for the home where we were born and
for the care and affection of our mothers. We thank
you for the privilege to enjoy the warmth and
security of family life.
We pray for expectant mothers, especially those
awaiting the birth of their first child.
We pray for those mothers who have young children
and who get tired with so much to do.
We pray for those mothers with difficult homes and
those struggling to make ends meet.
Lastly we pray
for our own mothers; may we love and care for them
as we ourselves have been loved and helped. We ask
this for Your love’s sake.
First Holy Communion and
We would like to congratulate our grade 2 students
on receiving their sacraments this past month. Thank
you to all the teachers that helped prepare the
students for these important milestones in their
spiritual journey.
Dress Code
As we prepare for the warmer weather we would like
to remind our students of the expectations that are in
place, especially for our older students, regarding
appropriate dress. Sleeveless tops are permitted but
not halter, tank, or short tops. Short shorts, skirts and
clothing of a suggestive nature or displaying offensive
wording or pictures are not allowed.
In keeping with the Board’s Mission and Catholic
teachings, each school is committed to standards of
neatness, cleanliness and modesty as specified in the
Dress Code Policy of the Board students are required
to dress in a manner and attire suitable for the
occasion and appropriate to the school environment.
Failure to comply with this expectation shall result in
disciplinary action……. (Catholic Code of Conduct)
From time to time, students require medication
during the day. For reasons of safety, any medication
used by students must be stored in the office and
accompanied by the form “Request for Storage and
Distribution of Medication,” which is signed by the parent
and family physician. Also, it is extremely important that
any medication sent to school with your child is:
-In single dose containers
-Clearly labeled (child’s full name, time to
be taken, whether or not refrigeration is
Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board will be
implementing changes to their Criminal Reference
Check/Declaration Form procedures. In keeping with
the Safe Schools Act, all volunteers including those
going on one day school trips MUST have a
Criminal Reference Check. If you have the time or
inclination to be a volunteer, assist with school trips,
drive for sports events, assist with our fundraiser(s),
be an active member of school council-dealing with
children in any capacity, please contact the office for
a criminal reference check form, for the 2013-2014
school year.
The Criminal Reference check is free for
volunteers, and it will assure the safety of all
students at Guardian Angels Catholic School. If you
already have a Criminal reference check on file at the
school, please complete the Criminal Offence
Declaration form.
Please have your check or
declaration completed so you can continue to be an
important and valued member at our school. Forms
are available in the office.
Guardian Angels Dance Team
On Wednesday May 1, the Guardian Angels Dance
Team performed in the Brampton, Caledon, and
Orangeville Dance Showcase. The students did a
FANTASTIC job performing!
This is the second year that GA has had a dance team,
and most of the students on the team have had no formal
dance training. We are so proud of all our team
We are looking forward to next year!
Coaches: Mrs. Sousa, Mrs. Stoker, Mrs. Alimurung and
Mrs. Daniel’s
To Light, To Guard, To Rule and Guide – Guardian Angels
Junior Boys Basketball
EQAO Testing
Parents of grades 3 and 6 classes are advised that
EQAO testing will begin the week of May 27 through
June 6 . The assessments of reading, writing and
mathematics are based on those expectations in the
Ontario Curriculum, grades 1-8. Every student who
writes will receive an individual student report. EQAO
also releases provincial, school board and school results.
The EQAO website provides many resources for both
parents and teachers. ( A letter will
come home with children in grades 3 & 6 as the writing
time approaches. In order to facilitate testing, please
ensure that no appointments are booked at this time.
Guardian Angels is very pleased and proud of the
accomplishments of our Junior Boys Basketball Team.
The boys have been practicing and working extremely
hard since the Christmas break, and on April 30th they
represented Guardian Angels at the Brampton West Family
Finals. The boys had gone undefeated all season long
and unfortunately lost a hard fought match in the finals by
only 3 points. Finishing second in our family of schools is
a great accomplishment and the coaches are very proud of
the boys. We are already looking forward to next season.
Good luck to all boys! The team: Jordan, Teshawn,
Christopher, Autrey, Chubby, Matthew, Lucas, Bryan,
Kalim, Gabriel, Nathan and Tavion.
Mr. Labuda and Mr. Bell
Girls Baseball
Mrs. MacDonald, Mrs. Belgrave, Mrs. Crockatt
Intermediate Boys Flag Football
Tryouts and practices are under way for the 2013
Intermediate Boys Flag Football Team. The flag football
tournament has been tentatively scheduled for the week
of May 28 , to be held at St. Roch Secondary School.
Mr. Merino, Mr. Bell, and Mr. Labuda
Junior Girls Brampton West
Mr. Valezi
On May 2 our Junior Girls Basketball Team kept their
undefeated season intact and captured the league
championship with a powerful showing at St. Mary’s
elementary school. With determination and incredible
team spirit the girls have not lost a game this year and
now advance to the Board Championships.
Congratulations to team members:
Quiarrah, Kristyn, Melanie, Selena, Isabel, Grace, Emily,
Stephanie, Brianna, Monaye, Valerie, Isabella
Intermediate Boys Baseball
The intermediate boys have begun spring training in
preparation for the upcoming season. We would like to
congratulate all the boys that made the final team, and
thank everyone for trying out. The boys will be practicing
very hard over the next two weeks in order to prepare
themselves for the Brampton West Family Tournament,
which will be held on Tuesday, May 21 at Fred Kline
Park in Brampton. Congratulations again and all the best
at the tournament!
Mr. Labuda and Mr. Bell
The 2013 Baseball season has begun, and the
intermediate girls are hard at work preparing for their
upcoming season. The Brampton West Family
Tournaments have been scheduled at Fred Klein Park on
May 21 for the boys and May 22nd for the girls.
Board Chess Tournament Results:
By: Samantha D. & Paige W.
The Guardian Angels Chess team played at St.
Marcellinus Secondary School in the Board Finals on April
26 . We are thrilled to report they won the Primary and
Junior Divisions for the second year in a row.
Congratulations to Chelsie, Cillian, Bryan, John,
Samantha, Sean, Joshua, Michael, Ayesha, Kushal,
Gabriel, Marcus, Robert, Valerie, Albi, Chris and Johnny.
This is the second year in a row that G.A. wins both the
Primary & Junior Division. Go Angels!!!!
Skills Canada Competition
Written by: Fiona B. & Victoria I.
The Skills Canada competition was held at St. Augustine
Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario. Some of the
schools competing were Guardian Angels, Our Lady of
Good Voyage, St. Edmund Campion, St. Bernadette, St.
Rita, St. Angela of Merici, St. Jerome, St. Justin, and St.
Joseph. The teams were competing in construction,
animation, health and safety, green energy, robotics, Lego
data, design and tech, Media T.V. and video production.
The teams had a lot of challenges. Our school worked
really hard and their hard work paid off. Guardian Angels
placed 3 for the green team, 1 for intermediate robotics,
and 1 for junior robotics. Great job Guardian Angels!!! Our
junior robotics team and intermediate robotics team will be
competing in the provincials in Waterloo. Good luck to,
Intermediate. robotics: Neil, Carlos, Avery, and Jayden.
Junior. robotics: Michael, Marcus, Christopher, and Evan.
Go Angels!!!
Peel Catholic District School Board
To Light, To Guard, To Rule and Guide – Guardian Angels
A Tradition of Excellence in Catholic
Flex Boundary
Parents who have requested flex boundary
admittance for their children will be considered
annually, taking into consideration the number of
students enrolling at the school. Each year,
students attending under the Flexible Boundary
Policy will receive a reminder letter, and an
annual Flex Boundary request. Please submit
this letter of request as soon as possible if you
have not already done so. PLEASE NOTE: Once
a school is allocated as a Full Day Learning
Program in Kindergarten, flex boundary students
are not automatically eligible for Senior
Kindergarten; they will be part of a lottery, if
spaces remain once registration takes place.
Kindergarten Registration
If you are aware of anyone who needs to register
for September, please encourage them to drop
by the school to complete registration forms.
If you are
planning a move or have already moved, please
let us know. You are required to complete new
assessment forms even if you move within our
school boundaries. If you are moving to a new
school we will give you a Transfer form to take
with you to the new school. If you are moving but
would like your child to remain at Guardian
Angels School, please submit your request in
writing to Mr.Waters. The principal of both
schools must be in agreement before a decision
is made. We are preparing classes for
September 2013 and this information will be
helpful in determining classes and trying to avoid
LUNCH: Students Leaving
School Property
In order for students to leave school property at
lunch, they require a written letter or permission
from their parents. Due to the nature of the
number of students in our school, we will not be
able to communicate phone calls home on a
regular basis. Thank you for your cooperation.
News from the School Library
Mrs. McCannel
Forest of Reading- The students at Guardian Angels
have voted for Forest of Reading 2013.
The results for Guardian Angels are as follows.
Red Maple Non Fiction (grades 7 & 8)- The Sea
Wolves Red Maple Fiction (grades 7 & 8)- There was
a five way tie in this category between: End of Days;
Testify; This Dark Endeavour; The Vampire Stalker
and The Vindico.
Silver Birch Non Fiction (grades 5 & 6) There was a
three way tie in this category between: Case Files: 40
Murders and Mysteries Solved by Science; Explorers
Who Made it…or died trying and No Shelter Here:
Making the World a Kinder Place for Dogs.
Silver Birch Fiction (grades 5 & 6)- Making Bombs
for Hitler Silver Birch Express (grades 3 & 4)- Dalen &
Gole: Scandal in Port Blue Spruce (grades 1, 2 and 3)Kate and Pippin The provincial results for Forest of
Reading 2013 will be announced in May. Stay tuned
and don’t forget to keep on reading!
Congratulations to the following students who were
eligible to vote for the Forest of Reading 2013.
These students read a minimum of 5 of the 10
nominated books.
Silver Birch Express (Grades 3 & 4)- Michael W.,
Jydon, Joy-Cathryne, Steve, Cameryn, Mercedes,
Mackenzie, Kiera S. Cristian, Albi John, Ezinne, Emily
M. , Siobhan, RJ, Ayesha, Alexandra, Mayode,
Gabriella, Sienna, Brooklyn, Kimberly, Rodrigo,
Ardhar, Olivia S., Emma, Leroy, Cleo, Kayla C.,Angel ,
Christina, Riya, Parcy, Lauren, Emily D., Manfredis,
Nathaniel and Fiona.
Silver Birch Fiction (Grades 5 & 6)- Melita,
Samantha D., Gabriel P., Gabriel L., Sophie, Julia S.,
Samantha P., Isabel, Alexis, Johnny, Jordan, Valerie,
Abigail, Gilchris and Chelsie.
Silver Birch Non Fiction (Grades 5 & 6)- Johnny,
Serena, Kushal, Ayesha, Kayla C., Mariella, Natasha
and Rosemary.
Red Maple- Fiction (Grades 7 & 8)- Chris, Simon,
Sophia, Julisa, Janelle, Amanda, Kayla, Adebola,
Geshini, Chante and Veronika.
Red Maple- Non Fiction (Grades 7 & 8)- Chris,
Geshini, Simon and Sophia.
Students are not to bring valuables or items of
importance to school. The school cannot assume
responsibility for valuables brought to school.
This includes cell phones and personal electronic
To Light, To Guard, To Rule and Guide – Guardian Angels
Book Fair- The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to
Guardian Angels School. The Book Fair will be open
during school hours from Friday, May 31 to
Wednesday, June 5. If you are able to volunteer at the
Book Fair please let Mrs. McCannel the teacherlibrarian know by sending a note into the school or by
phoning the school. The Book Fair will be running each
morning and afternoon so if you are able to volunteer
even for 1/2 day that would be wonderful. Please
ensure that you have a current Background Check
completed as this is mandatory for volunteering in
Returning Library Books and Overdue books- Yes it is
that time of year that we are looking at returning all
library books. All books are due back at the school
library during the week of June 10. Lost books must be
paid for or replaced. Overdue notices will be going out
on a regular basis.
Second Annual June Book Swap- Back due to popular
demand! Last year there was lots of enthusiasm about
the Book Swap. This FREE event is very simple.
Students donate books that they have already read
and no longer need. The books are organized in the
school library and students are able to come and
choose "new" books from the Book Swap to top up
their home libraries. The book swap will begin the
week of June 17. So start cleaning out your book
shelves and donate books that elementary students
would enjoy reading!
Summer Reading- Don't forget to visit the Brampton
Public Library during the summer months. The Public
Library has some great summer reading programs for
Catholic School Council
Our final Catholic School Council Meeting will be held
on Tuesday, May 14 , 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Staff
Room. As always, ALL parents are welcome to attend
the meeting.
Dates to Remember:
May 13
May 14
May 14
May 14
May 15
May 16
May 17
May 19
May 20
May 21
May 21
May 21
May 22
May 22,23
May 22
May 23
May 24
May 31
June 3
June 4
June 5
June 6
June 6
June 7
June 11
June 12
June 14
June 14
June 16
June 19
June 21
June 25
June 26
June 26
June 26
June 28
Pizza Day
Parent Council
Grade 5 Scarlet Park Trip
Engineering workshop at George Brown
Jigga Jump ( FDK 1:15 p.m.)
SERC Trip to Wonderland
Jump Rope for Heart
Victoria Day
Boys Baseball Tournament
Fire Truck coming for FDK students
(1:15 p.m.)
Pizza Day
Girls Baseball
Dental Screening
BW Diversity Conference at St. Roch
Open House
Ride/Walk your bike to school day
Grade 4 Medieval Fair
St. Roch Drama Production in gym
(Grade 1-3)
Pizza Day
Beach Volleyball Tournament
BNWC Meeting @ Cassie Campbell
Silvercreek – Stacie G Power grade 5
Robert Hall Secondary Drama Production
Primary Play Day (AM only)
Year end mass
Anti Bullying Presentation - M. Eisen
Fathers Day
BW Family Tracks and Field
Board Track and Field
Graduation Luncheon
Reports Home
St. Roch Graduation
School Ends
To Light, To Guard, To Rule and Guide – Guardian Angels