June is a month where we reflect on the year and all those people who
have contributed to St. Cornelius Catholic School. We would like to
thank Father Bob for his active involvement in the faith development
of our students, families and staff. We have enjoyed the wonderful
partnership with our parish team and treasure their commitment to
the great gift we have in Catholic Education. Throughout the year they
helped us celebrate the Eucharist, First Reconciliation, First
Communion and Confirmation. We look forward to our continued
involvement with the parish next year.
Thank you to our staff who worked tirelessly throughout the year to
meet the needs of all students entrusted to their care. As a
professional learning community, staff have actively and
enthusiastically taken advantage of professional learning opportunities
both within and outside of our school to provide exciting and enriching
programming for all of our students. We also thank the numerous
individuals who go above and beyond to ensure that there are arts
activities, lunchtime activities, sports and academic teams for a large
portion of our students.
Thank you to the parents who work with their children, and our staff,
to support the home-school connection that is vital for student
success. Thank you to all those parents and guardians who volunteered
consistently throughout the year; your involvement is invaluable.
Finally, we thank our students for always working to the best of their
ability throughout the school year. We are confident that they will
continue to build upon the knowledge and skills that they acquire daily
and are proud of all of their contributions to St. Cornelius.
Sadly, we say good- bye and thank you to Mrs. Calleja and Mrs. Sebasta
who will be moving on to new assignments within the Board. We wish
them much luck in all their future endeavours. Thank you for your
incredible dedication to our students. Welcome back to Mrs. Milonas
who returns to her grade two class.
Report Cards
First day of School- Tuesday, Sept. 2nd
Bussing Information for 2014-15
PA Reminder- This Monday, June 9th
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Congratulations to our grade eight students who will be celebrating
their graduation at the end of the month. We wish you all the very
best in this exciting new chapter of your lives. God Bless.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the St. Cornelius families
for their warm welcome, kindness and support. I feel blessed to be
part of such a special community. On behalf of the staff, I would like to
thank you for your support throughout the year and for all of your
efforts on behalf of our students. It is because of the strong
partnership between home, school and parish that we continue to
build a positive culture of faith-based scholarship and community. We
wish all of our families a restful and safe summer and we look forward
to seeing everyone in September.
Together in Faith and Excellence
The foyer overflowed with donations of all kinds this
past May. It was an overwhelming response - from our
community - to our community. Grade 8 students with
the St. Cornelius Faith Ambassadors helped sort, bag
and pack many items of clothing, food and toys for
those most deserving.
It is with an enlightened heart that we express sincere
gratitude for your donations and we thank you for
emulating our most gracious role model, Jesus Christ, by
serving others.
Wishbone Day was celebrated again at St. Cornelius in
the month of May! Our students and staff went
“Yellow” in support of International Wishbone Day, a
worldwide awareness day for Osteogenisis Imperfecta
(OI ) otherwise known as Brittle Bone. OI is a genetic
disorder that causes bones to be extremely fragile. A
person with OI can have up to 100 fractures in a
lifetime. The colour yellow brightened every corner of
our hallways. Together in faith and excellence we
acknowledge and celebrate how we can come together
as a faith filled community and offer prayers, time and
hope for those in most need of our service.
I love you, Lord;
you are my strength.
The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my savior;
my God is my rock, in whom I find protection.
He is my shield, the power that saves me,
and my place of safety.
Psalm 18:1-2
We all know Father Bob to be a truly extraordinary
priest. His intentions are always pure of heart and
selfless to the core always recognizing the wonderful
support our community brings forth. Particularly at the
end of our mass when he says “Thank you to all of you”
and takes his time to remember all the great things
people have done within our church and beyond. Let us
come together and exclaim our Thanks to Father Bob,
and as a Catholic school community support him in his
time of need.
Our Catholic School Council has reserved a special
intentions mass in remembrance of Father Bob’s
mother Beatrice Glenn who passed away in April of this
year. We would like to invite and encourage our
Catholic school community to attend this special mass
on Sunday June 22, at 11:45.
On Tuesday, May 6th, St. Cornelius students were
involved in the Crowning of Mary Celebration. Together,
we prayed to our Holy Mother and celebrated her
together through prayer, reflections and flowers.
Our next Catholic School Council meeting will be held
on Wednesday, June 18th at 6:30 p.m. in the school
Together in Faith and Excellence
The last day of school for students and staff is Friday,
June 27th. Second term report cards will be sent home
on Wednesday, June 25th. Reports for students who
are not present will be mailed to their home address. If
you wish to discuss your child’s report card, please
contact your child’s teacher to arrange a convenient
time to meet before June 27th.
The first day of the new school year for students is
Tuesday, September 2nd. School begins at 9:15 a.m.
Signs will be posted around the school building directing
students to their grade level meeting place. The school
office will open its doors the week of August 25th for
new school registrations.
Our Grade 6-8 boys' and girls' soccer
teams have been busy practicing for the BECDM Family
tournaments (hosted at St. Cornelius) at the Caledon
Soccer Complex on June 5 and June 10.
Boys' team members include: John M., Brennan N.,
Jackson K., Michael M., Marco R., Justin P., Kieran B., Sal
M., Jonathan N., Gabriel R., Gabriel B., Jordan F., Nicolas
C., Andrew D., Johnny N. and Anthony S.
Girls' team members include: Amelia L., Emily P., Abigail
L., Isabel S., Gracie K., Allison D., Caoimhe D., Carina M.,
Victoria L., Alexis V. Jada C., Stephanie C., Skylar S.,
Nikole T., Jillian H., Mariacristina N., Cassandra E.
Please join the St. Cornelius
community as we celebrate our End
of the Year Mass outdoors on
Friday, June 13th at 1:30 p.m. with
our pastor, Fr. Bob. This is an
opportunity to give thanks for all of
God’s blessings that we have
received throughout the school year. We are looking
forward to seeing many of our parents, as we come
together and celebrate the Eucharist. Thank you to the
teachers and students who have prepared our liturgical
celebrations this year.
Coaches: Mrs. Foley and Mr. Hayes
ARE YOU MOVING? If you are moving out of the
Team members include:
area between now and the new school year in
September, please notify the office as soon as possible.
Our primary and junior chess teams participated in the
Board Chess Finals at Father Michael Goetz Secondary
School on May 11th. Both teams exhibited great
sportsmanship and skill facing many competitive teams
throughout round robin play. Both teams should be
proud of their efforts having just missed the playoff
rounds. Coaches Mr. DeRango and Mrs. O’Donnell are
very proud of their dedication and would like to thank
the following team members: Ethan G., Nicholas M.,
Patrick D., Beck K., Robert A., Alex B., Andrea M., Sofia
M., Martyna S., Jaeden N., Stephen L., and Gabriel D.
Track and Field
Our annual BECDM Family Track and Field Meet will be
held on Thursday, June 12 at St. Marcellinus S.S.
Try-outs are complete and students are preparing for
their upcoming events. Athletes who qualify at this
meet will compete at the Board Meet on Friday, June
20. Events include: 100m, 200m, 4x100 Relay, 400m,
800m, 1500m, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot
Grade 6: Sarah I., Chiara S., Madeline F., Alyx L., Julia D.,
Mattea S., Oriana P., Sydney H., Peter M., Justin P.,
Patrick D., Nathan C., Anthony J., Dylan E., Diego D. and
Adam C.
Grade 7: Stephanie C., Jada C., Stefania D., Alyssa V.,
Skylar S., Mariacristina N., Rosalba S., Jonathan N., JD
A., Sal M., Gabriel B., Remy D., Nicholas C., Jordan F.,
Andrew D. and Kieran B.
Grade 8: Amelia L., Victoria L., Carina M., Allison D.,
Caoimhe D., Abigail L., Chanel D., Isabel S., Justin C.,
John M., Brennan N., Matthew N., Michael V. and
Michael M.
Coaches: Mrs. Foley, Mrs. Leardi, Mrs. Coward, Mr.
Hayes, Mr. DeRango
Go Cougars Go!!
Together in Faith and Excellence
Bus routes will be posted at our school
on Wed., August 28th, 2014. If there is
any new information that needs to be
shared, we will also post that alongside
the transportation schedules. The
deadline for any changes to your busing
information is the first week of July. Please contact the
Transportation Department at 905-890-6000.
On Saturday, August 23rd,2014 we will be holding our
for ALL Kindergarten children. The intent of the day is to
introduce children to school buses in an informal setting
prior to the first day of school.
We encourage you to participate by bringing your
Kindergarten children and elementary age siblings to a
one hour program between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and
1 p.m. Bus rides and a school bus safety video are only
part of the informative fun. All Young Rider Days have
been tremendous successes.
Student Transportation of Peel Region (STOPR), the Peel
District School Board and Dufferin-Peel Catholic District
School Board, First Student Canada, Stock
Transportation Limited, Parkview Transit Inc. and
Attridge Transportation Inc. support this event.
To confirm your attendance and preferred time slot,
please call Parkview Transit at 905-846-1070 as soon as
possible. The location for this training is Humberview
Secondary School, 135 Kingsview Drive in Bolton.
This website also allows parents to login and find their
child’s transportation information by following these
 type in the website address:
 click “student login”
 enter your child’s OEN number, street/house
number, school and grade
 click “login”
This will automatically display the child’s transportation
information, if they are eligible. This capability for
“student login” will be available for parents starting the
second last week of August until the end of June each
year. This feature will be locked down during the summer
for route planning purposes. Additional features of this
website are: School Information, Which School Do I Attend
and Transportation Eligibility and Delays and Cancellations
A STOPR website is - The items available in
this website, include the following:
 “About Us” – background information on Student
Transportation of Peel Region
 “Policies and Procedures” – STOPR procedures
and Peel and Dufferin-Peel Transportation Policies
 “FAQ” – frequently asked questions in regards to
student transportation
 “School Forms” – the forms that go with the
STOPR procedures
 “Operators” – a list of all the school bus operators
in Peel Region and their telephone numbers
 “Links” – Ministry of Transportation links ie:
booster seat legislation
 “Contact Us” – STOPR contact telephone numbers
by area
 “Inclement Weather” – updates on a daily basis
for inclement weather cancellations
 “Which School Do I Attend” – a direct link to our
Geoquery website
 “Am I Eligible for Transportation” – a direct link to
our Geoquery website
 “Your Child’s Busing Information” - a direct link to
the student login on our Geoquery website
 Dufferin-Peel CDSB and Peel DSB logos – click one
of these logos and it takes you directly to the
school board home website page
Children playing in and around storm sewers and
watercourses, entering storm sewers through the outfalls,
and entering storm sewers through access covers can lead
to danger. Please share with your child(ren):
Water flows in storm sewers and watercourses
are unpredictable and may change quickly;
Toxic gases may be present;
Tragic falls could take place; and
Access is restricted and therefore, rescue
attempts are difficult
Together in Faith and Excellence
All medications for students will be sent
home with students in an envelope on the
last day of school. If your child is going to
be absent on this day, please ensure you
let the office know and his/her medication
will be sent home on their last day. Please ensure that
over the summer you check the expiry dates and update
any necessary forms. As well, please ensure that any
medications that are to be stored at the school are sent
back with your child on the first day of school. If your
child's medical condition changes over the summer and
he/she requires medication to be kept at school, a
reminder that a Storage and Distribution of Medication
form must be completed by both the parent and the
physician before storage or distributions of medication
can occur.
With the warm weather finally approaching, we would
like to take this opportunity to review the dress code
expectations at St. Cornelius School. As a Catholic
school, we believe that there must be a commitment to
high standards of modesty, neatness, cleanliness and
good taste. Therefore, while halter tops, short shorts,
spandex bike wear, muscle shirts and similar clothing
may be acceptable for beach wear, they are not
appropriate for classroom instruction. Shirts should be
of appropriate length to be able to be tucked into pants
or a skirt. Shorts and skirts should be appropriate length
for school. Suggestive or inappropriate language or
violent symbols are not permitted on any clothing or
personal belongings. Every classroom has a visual
reminder of acceptable/ unacceptable clothing posted
in their rooms. We appreciate your ongoing support in
this matter.
On Wednesday, June 16th and Thursday,
June 17th, we will be hosting our annual St.
Cornelius Talent Show. After an
overwhelming number of students
auditioned, difficult decisions were made
and select performances were chosen due to time
constraints. Thank you to all students who auditioned.
The show will feature many talents in the vocal, dance
and instrumental categories and will be held at 9:30
a.m. and 1:15 p.m. on both days. Please join us! Seating
for parents will be limited as students will be audience
members. It is sure to be an amazing show!
Kindergarten children born in 2010 (JK age) do not begin
school on September 2nd , however those born in 2009 (SK
age) will begin on the first day school. Students will gather in
the Kindergarten playground area at the front of the school
on the first day. Parents of children born in 2010 will be
receiving a phone call from the teacher during the first
week of September to schedule your kindergarten
appointment and visit about your child’s transition to
Why: To reinforce reading strategies
introduced throughout the school year and
to sustain reading development over the
summer months in a fun parent/child
interactive environment.
What: Each week for 6 weeks, Dufferin-Peel teachers
will be modelling and demonstrating a
variety of reading comprehension strategies
during read-aloud sessions. Participants will
receive a “Parent Toolkit” and “Student
Toolkit” to help support reading throughout
the summer.
Who: Students in Grade 1 through Grade 3
(who are reading at an independent reading
level of 16 or higher) and their family
Where: Albion Bolton Library Branch
When: One hour a week
It is amazing that we have so many unclaimed items in
our Lost and Found Bin. Please stop by the school and
have a look before the end of the school year if your
child has some clothing items missing. Any remaining
will be given to charity at the end of June.
How: Please look for the registration link on the
Dufferin-Peel website, or from your child’s teacher to
enrol your child in the Ready Set Read! Club this
Together in Faith and Excellence
Parents, remember to:
ASK questions to evaluate your
child’s Facebook and Twitter friends
and followers. Ask about screen
names used to determine how your
child may be presenting him/herself
DISTINGUISH between a friend, acquaintance and
stranger - and the potential and permanent impact it
can have on your child’s real-world reputation and
future career.
GRASP what really happens to the information posted
to your child’s profile and to their friend’s profiles.
SET Facebook & Twitter’s basic, advanced and hidden,
search, privacy and posting tools and understand how
to fully customize your child’s profile to limit/allow
access to certain users.
Every student has the right to
come to school and to be
respected for who they are.
While St. Cornelius School
prides itself as a tight-knit
school community, sometimes
students struggle to treat each
other with respect and to make good choices when
conflicts occur. As educators, we continue to teach
students the core values of mutual respect and
appropriate problem solving, but we cannot do this
alone. We need your support to help our children make
good choices. Encourage your children to use respectful
language while they problem solve, to seek adult support
when they feel they need it and to talk to you if they have
questions about challenges they have at school.
The Caledon Detachment of the Ontario Provincial
Police (OPP) wishes to remind cyclists and motorists to
share the road. With the summer fast approaching
these are good reminders to both cyclists and
motorists. In a 2012 Ministry of Transportation Report it
is estimated that 630,000 Ontarians cycle on a daily
basis and about 2 million Ontarians ride a bike at least
once a week during spring, summer and fall.
Safety tips for Cyclists:
1. Follow the law —it’s the safest way to ride. Bicyclists
have the same rights and duties as drivers and need to
follow the same traffic laws.
2. Be predictable —ride in a straight line, signal turns
and check behind you before turning or changing lanes.
3. Come to a complete stop at every stop sign and red
4. Ride with caution around parked cars and position
yourself in the field of vision of a motorist pulling out of
a parking space.
5. Be conspicuous —ride where drivers can see you, use
lights at night and wear bright clothing.
6. Be aware — anticipate the next move of drivers,
pedestrians and other cyclists. Watch for debris,
potholes and grates.
7. If you are a beginner or are returning to bicycling,
seek out clubs or bicycling advocacy organizations in
your community for tips on safe riding, instruction, and
group rides to improve knowledge and confidence.
8. Ride Ready — tires need air, brakes must work,
chains should run smoothly, and quick release wheel
levers must be closed.
9. Carry identification and cell phone, emergency cash,
as well as repair and emergency supplies.
The Power of an Hour - Volunteer today to be an InSchool Mentor
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel in collaboration with the
Dufferin-Peel District School Board matches elementary
girls and boys with a caring adult mentor. Matches meet
for one hour each week during school hours and on
school property to share in fun activities. The result -increased self-esteem, better grades and improved
relationships with family and peers.
Children are in need of a mentor in schools in your area.
Volunteer today! Call 905-457-7288 or visit
Order forms were sent out for those interested in
participating in our Ice Cream Days on June 5, 11 and 17.
These sales are in support of our Grade 8 Graduation. Ice
cream will be delivered to your child’s classroom.
Please note that we will be having a P.A. Day where
staff will be involved in writing report cards on Monday,
June 9th. The office will be closed that day.
Together in Faith and Excellence
In June, we are celebrating the virtue of
fairness. Fairness, the belief that everyone
deserves an opportunity to succeed, is not
always about making things exactly equal.
Some people need a bit more time, space,
money, and support to have an equal
chance to succeed. And they deserve that
Jesus spent a major part of his time on earth showing us
about the preferential option for the poor and weak.
He spent an extraordinary amount of time showing how
to follow God's rules, the rules of the kingdom. The
sick, the lame, the blind, the bad sinners all need a fair
chance to succeed - to overcome their disadvantages
and disabilities in order to succeed. In today's terms,
that could be called good sportsmanship. A good sport
makes sure the rules of the game give everyone an even
chance to participate. Not everyone has to win.
Everyone deserves a chance to be in the game.
A Fair Person…
Listens to all sides before forming opinions
Shows good sportsmanship at all times
Knows that the same rules apply to everyone
Refuses to twist rules to avoid consequences
Works to bring about peaceful solutions to problems
Cheers on the successes of others
Can balance their own rights and responsibilities
with those of others
Assertive Communication
The focus for June is on communication skills –
particularly assertive communication. Assertive
communication is defined as behaviour that
demonstrates an ability to stand up for oneself, express
feelings and exercise rights while respecting the rights
of others. Assertive communication skills help students
deal independently with conflict, prevent situations
from becoming bullying and stand up for others who
are not assertive.
Tips for parents:
Help your child practice using assertive behaviours
(stand tall, make eye contact, speak clearly, use “I”
Role model assertive behaviour in your
relationships with family and friends
Encourage your child to be assertive but continue
to report bullying to adults and get adult help
when needed
June 5th – Intermediate Boys
Soccer Tournament at Caledon Soccer Complex
June 6th – Grade 8 students to Mount Alverno
for Retreat
June 6th - Grade 2 Students to Toronto Zoo
June 9th – PD Day – No School for students
June 10th – Intermediate Girls' Soccer
Tournament at Caledon Soccer Complex
June 12th – Track and Field Meet at St.
Marcellinus Secondary School
June 13th - FDK Father's Day Celebration - 9:45
June 13th - 1:30 pm - Year End Mass. All are
June 16th – Talent Show (9:30 am - 12:00 pm /
1:15 pm - 3:00 pm). All are welcome!
June 16th – Just Catering for Kids
June 17th – Talent Show (9:30 am - 12:00 pm /
1:15 pm - 3:00 pm). All are welcome!
June 18th –Spirit Day
June 18th – Catholic School Council
Meeting 6:30 p.m.
June 19 - FDK Celebration of Learning - 2:00 pm
June 20th – Board Track and Field meet at St.
Marcellinus Secondary School
June 20th - Grade 3 students to Van den Hoek
June 23rd – Just Catering for Kids
June 24th - Grade 8 Graduation
-3:00 p.m. – Mass at St. John the
Evangelist Church
-5:15 p.m. – Dinner at St. Cornelius
(students only)
7:00 p.m. – Graduation ceremonies at
Robert F. Hall S.S. Cafetorium
June 25th – Report cards go home
June 27th – Last Day of classes
Together in Faith and Excellence
Together in Faith and Excellence