National University of Ireland, Galway Review Programme 2009/2010 Research Office

National University of Ireland, Galway
Review Programme 2009/2010
Action Plan
Research Office
Follow-up meeting held on Monday 24th May, 2010 at 9:30am, A113.
From Unit: Prof. Terry Smith, Ms. Noreen Goggin, Ms. Eithne O’Connell, Ms. Joanne Bane, Dr. Gary Lupton,
Ms. Orla Baxter, Dr Ann Ryan.
From Review Group: Ms. Carmel Browne (Rapporteur), Prof. Pat Dolan (Cognate).
From NUI Galway: Dr. David O’Sullivan (Chair), Prof. Jim Ward (Registrar), Dr. Kieran Loftus (Executive Director
of Operations), Prof. Chris Curtin (VP Innovation & Performance), Dr. John Gaffney, Ms. Nichola McNicholas
(Management Accounting), Ms Orla Timon (Research Accounting), Mr. Gear¤îid Ó Broin (Financial Accounting),
Dr. Neil Ferguson, Dr. Jacinta Thornton (Technology Transfer Office), Ms. Geraldine Lyons (Quality Office).
The following Actions have been agreed following extraction of recommendations from the Review Report
and discussion between all major stakeholders to the unit under review. Words in italics are a synopsis of
reviewer’s recommendation. This report should be read in conjunction with the Review Report.
Develop and implement a detailed University Research Strategy. New strategy to be developed in
cooperation with Research Committee.
Establish University Research Committee. Terms of Reference approved. Committee to convene in late
Develop clear and transparent policy on University’s Research Support Fund. Policy to be developed in
line with best practice on funding allocation of all overheads incl. research support fund.
Undertake redesign of support for research and technology transfer. Strategic review initiated and will be
led by Executive Director of Operations and aligned with support services strategy. [Due: Dec 2010] In
addition existing processes will undergo continuous analysis, redesign, and simplification of appropriate
systems and policies.
Review capacity of IT systems to improve research support. Working group established and identifying
requirements for development of new integrated ISS project in this area.
Fill vacant posts only after the redesign proposals are completed (except 7 below). Redesign will take
considerable time. New posts are required immediately. One post already filled. Unit has ideas for other
posts to be reviewed as part of Strategic Review.
Make permanent the admin support secondment to the Vice President for Research. Unit to make
proposal to appropriate resource allocation committee.
Colocate Research Accounts, Research Office and Technology Transfer Office. Recommendation accepted
in principle. Unit to look for short term solution in cooperation with Buildings Office. Long term solution
(c.24months) should be possible in current building.
Approved by:
Registrar, Prof. Jim Ward | VP Research, Prof. Terry Smith | Executive Director or Operations, Kieran Loftus
Director of Quality, Dr. David O’Sullivan
Finalised: 10/06/2010