Educational Template Chapter 19 The Future is a Sharp 90 Turn

Chapter 19
The Future is a Sharp 90o Turn
Stephen P. Murray
Chapter 15 - Nursing Informatics
Educational Template
In Chapter 15 the key concepts include :
Consumerism and Transformation
1st Generation Digital Workplace
Change Dynamic
Service Management
Performance Metric
Chapter 15– Nursing Informatics
Key Concepts
Assimilation & Progression :
Exercise 1 = Assimilative - Getting started
Exercise 2 = Productive - Informatics solution focused
Exercise 3= Interactive/adaptive - Accelerated learning
Chapter 15 – Nursing Informatics
Learning Activity Type
A learning opportunity to develop an understanding of how the evolving
technologies may impact the practice of nursing, but more importantly, impact
the way in which nursing responds to changes and adjusts practice and process
in the future digitial future.
Exercise 1, 2 and 3 offers you an opportunity to explore the various aspects of
health information management in the future from a change perspective and
explore choices and approaches you may adopt to support positive, infomed
Chapter 15 – Nursing Informatics
Anticipated Value
Exercise 1
You are staff in a hospital that is adopting a new hospital information system (HIS)
and clinical documenttion system (Clin Doc). Draw a mind map of the type of
changes you expect in your clinical (business) processes.
Exercise 2
As you proceed to implement the new system, identify how your hospital can demonstrate
organizational ambidexterity. What examples of informatics applications demonstrate
these aspects of ambidexterity?
Exercise 3
Your implementation has gone so well that you have been promoted to a Lead Clinical
Informatics role in the organization. The strategic planning has indicated intent to
incorporate a major informatics component in the next 5 years. Create a map of how you
will incrporate caring into a digital environment so you fulfil your professional caring
obligations and fully exploit technology to do so.
Chapter 15– Nursing Informatics
Assessment Exercises