Box 4.3 Headache First bend your chin to your chest

Box 4.3 Neck Stretching Instructions to Relieve Nontraumatic, Primary
1. Stretch your neck slowly through its range of motion
• First bend your chin to your chest
• Then turn your chin so it is touching your left shoulder
• Then turn your chin to touch the right shoulder
• Move your chin back to your chest and lift your chin up toward the ceiling
• Repeat three to five times
2. Tip your left ear toward the left shoulder
• Place your left hand on the right side of your head and press down gently to feel a stretch on the right side of your neck
• Hold for 5 s. Then relax and repeat three times
• Repeat for the other side by tipping your right ear toward your right
shoulder and pressing your head gently to stretch the left side of your
3. Change your posture
• Lie flat on a firm surface or ED stretcher and remove the pillows
• Place a stack of books about 1–2 in. high behind your head. Position the
books so that they are behind the top and middle of your head, leaving
your neck free (see photo)
• Relax in this position and feel your head move up slightly from your neck