Press Release UH Parking Lot 4A Wheeler St. Entrance Closure

Division of Facilities Management
Press Release
For Immediate Release
UH Parking Lot 4A
Wheeler St. Entrance Closure
The driveway entrance off of Wheeler Avenue east and west bound (currently) into UH
Parking Lot 4A will be closed (see attached exhibit) starting Wednesday, August 10th
through Tuesday August 16th. The driveway entrance will be completely closed due to
new asphalt paving construction in Lot 4A.
This closure is needed to allow for the new asphalt paving work, which will allow for the UH
shuttle bus route to be rerouted through Lot 4A and remain on hard surface asphalt paving
since the north end of the Lot 4A is currently a crushed concrete gravel parking lot. This work
shall be completed prior to the start of the classes for the Fall Semester. Access to Lot 4A is
still made from the Calhoun driveway entrance on the east side of Lot4A. Please plan your trips
The University of Houston is working to minimize the impact of the construction. For questions
about this driveway closure, please contact the W. Michael Davis with University of Houston
Plant Operations – Facilities Management at (713) 743-9609 or [email protected]