What: PRESCHOOL HALLOWEEN PARTY! When: Thursday, October 29 Where: Hilliard Elementary

When: Thursday, October 29th
Where: Hilliard Elementary
Party Times:
PM class 1:30-2:15
Parents: Have your cameras ready and please wait on the grass in front of the school for our
classes to come outside and parade.
If the weather does not cooperate a staff member will meet you at the front door and direct
you down to our rooms.
After the parade, we will read 2 Halloween stories and sing a few songs.
We will have a PTA sponsored snack after circle.
At 2:15 we will continue with our daily lessons.
2:50 Pick up as usual.
Please send your child to school in their costumes
Please return to school by: Thursday, October 22, 2015
Child’s name_________________________________________
_____ I will be attending your party (number of people_____)
_____Life is crazy right now, I will see you at the Ice Cream Social in June!
Comments _____________________________________________________________