Character Sketch Age: 2 physical details:

Character Sketch
2 physical details:
Favorite article of clothing/shoes/accessory:
2 habits (twirls hair, plays with a coin, says “jeepers,” etc.):
Current home/dwelling:
Job/daily activities:
Best friend:
What would his/her loved ones say is your character’s greatest attribute?
How do strangers perceive your character?
What is your character’s biggest flaw?
What does your character want? (something that can be resolved fairly quickly—to bring up her
math grade with the next test, to be selected for the softball team, etc.)
What does your character want? (something that is pretty major—her mother’s love, her boss’s
appreciation, etc.)
What makes your character laugh?
What makes your character frustrated?
What does your character do when angry or upset?
What would your character do if s/he found a bag of money in the street or a bracelet in the
elevator, etc.?
What is your character afraid of?
Below, write a paragraph IN YOUR CHARACTER’S VOICE. You can have your character
narrate something that happened to him/her, write a journal/diary entry, or write a letter to