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The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
56 Oaklea Blvd, Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 4W7
Phone: 905-455-1001
Principal: W. Bodsworth
Secretary: A. Mijandrusic
St. Jerome Church 905-455-4260
Pastor: Fr. Jan Kolodynski
Fax: 905-455-3406
Superintendent: L. Papaloni 905-361-0146
Trustee: A. DaSilva 905-706-5679
God of Love,
through this Lenten journey,
purify my desires to serve you.
Free me from any temptations to
judge others,
to place myself above others.
Please let me surrender even my
impatience with others,
that with your love and
your grace,
I might be less and less absorbed
with myself,
and more and more full of
the desire to follow you,
in laying down my life
according to your example.
I make this prayer in the name
Of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.
March 2013
Our Catholic schools provide us with the
privileged opportunity to pause and pray
each day. As we move through the rhythms
of the liturgical seasons, we mark each
season with community prayer and changes
in sacred décor throughout the school.
During Lent and the Easter Season we enjoy
many opportunities to gather in prayer to
meditate on the Paschal Mystery and its
meaning and relevance in our lives. This
month, as we focus on the Virtue of
Kindness we are profoundly aware of how
Jesus‟ life epitomized all aspects of a Spiritfilled virtuous life. We are reminded that
when confronting everyday challenges and
temptations all we need do is ask ourselves:
“What would Jesus think, say or do in a similar
situation?” As we work with our students in
the classrooms and playground we strive to
conduct our lives in ways that reflect gospel
values. Our teachers and support staff rely
on the generous support of home and parish
to assist them in the sacred work of
educating our young people to conform
themselves to the ways of the Gospel rather
than to the ways of the world. Together, we
pray that this Lenten Season will bear good
fruit in all of our lives.
Wendy Bodsworth
March‟s Virtue
We are pleased to announce the
recent appointment of
Superintendent Mrs. Lucy Papaloni
to our family of schools. Mrs.
Papaloni succeeds recently retired
and long-serving Superintendent
Liz Kazimowicz. We are grateful
to Ms. Kazimowicz for her
dedicated service and look forward
to working with Mrs. Papaloni to
continue the tradition of academic
excellence, faith formation and
social responsibility that are the
hallmark of Mississauga Brampton
Central Family of Schools.
This month we will celebrate the virtue of
God has given us the gifts of friends and
companions to keep us company and to help
us out along the way.
Every person in our lives carries the Spirit of
God – and so every person is our brother or
sister through Jesus Christ.
As brothers and sisters who share one Holy
Spirit, we are all valuable to God. We all
deserve to be shown concern for our welfare
and our feelings. We have all been given the
fruit of the Spirit called kindness.
Kindness can only be seen through actions.
It‟s not enough to say I will be kind or I am
kind. We must show that we are kind by
our words and our actions.
Through prayer and concentration, we can
get better at showing kindness to everyone
we meet.
St. Jerome Parish Easter Celebrations
March 28th: Holy Thursday, Lord‟s Supper8:00 p.m.
March 29: Good Friday, Lord‟s Passion
11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
Way of the Cross~ presented by the Youth
March 30th Holy Saturday, Easter Vigil 8:00
March 31st Easter Sunday-9:00 a.m., 10:30
a.m., and 12:30 p.m.
St. Jerome Parish Youth News
The youth group meets weekly on Tuesday
evenings from 7:30 –9:30 p.m. Feel free to
join in at the 7:00 p.m. mass before the
meeting. Each week the students explore
their faith, play games and form many
friendships. New members in Grades 8-12
are always welcome.
Embracing the Lenten Spirit
Lent offers us a very special
opportunity to grow in our
relationship with God and to
deepen our commitment to a
way of life, rooted in our
baptism. During the Lenten season the
Church invites us to a “change of heart.”
This is a season that we can commit
ourselves to being more reflective. We can
make a point of being more observant and
more attentive to the beauty of the world,
to nuances in our relationships and to the
depths of our experiences.
We can
respond to the call to pray, fast and
exercise authentic Christian generosity in
the routine actions of our lives.
Lent is a real chance to learn that the
religious practice of fasting is not about
“losing weight” or “getting in shape” but
about becoming more alert. Anyone who
has tried to diet knows that something
changes in us when we try to avoid eating.
The monks in the desert, centuries ago,
discovered that fasting caused a
tremendous boost to their consciousness.
Not only did their bodies go on “alert” but
their whole person seemed to be in a more
heightened state of attention. The whole
purpose of fasting was to aid prayer, to
make it easier to listen to God more openly.
During the season of Lent, the Church also
calls us to practice generosity. Generosity
is not simply giving our discarded clothes
where poor people might benefit from
them, or giving a cash donation to
ShareLife. While these are valuable
practices, generosity is more about an
attitude. It is a sense that no matter how
much we have, all that we have is a gift
from God, to be used in service. It means
that sharing with others is a priority for us.
That is quite different from assessing all of
our own needs first, and then giving away
what is left over. This kind of selfsacrificing generosity places us in solidarity
with the poor. It also joins us with Jesus,
who gave himself completely for us.
With renewed focus on self-denial and
charity, our hearts and minds are receptive
to pray fervently and more often. As
parents and teachers it is our role to teach
and model these Lenten observances of
prayer, fasting and almsgiving to our
Ash Wednesday Service
The school community gathered
for Ash Wednesday observances.
Each person received the sign of
faith on the forehead with ashes
and through prayer, Scripture
and song, we reflected on how
we could support one another in making
Lent more meaningful. Each person was
challenged to “turn away from sin and be
faithful to the gospel” and to pledge to take
on at least one act of prayer, fasting and
giving alms.
Ways to Make Lent Joyful
* Start all prayers with
* Take time with God in a
beautiful place
* Don't carry the world's
pain on your own back
* Fast for the sake of richer
food - the daily Eucharist
* Take flowers and a smile
to a sick person
* Reconcile with an estranged friend
* Compliment someone for
making the world better
From Catholic Update, 2/95 St.
Anthony Messenger
First Reconciliation Service
On Saturday March 2 many of our Grade 2
children celebrated the Sacrament of
Reconciliation for the first time. The
children entered the church carrying a
banner with each child‟s name on a lamb,
singing “I will follow the Good Shepherd.”
After reading Scripture, praying and
listening to Father Jan‟s homily about the
transformation of Zaccheus, the tax
collector, the children participated in a
communal examination of conscience
followed by individual confessions. Special
thanks to all parents for their commitment
to the faith and for their heartfelt
participation in working with the teachers
to prepare the children. Enormous thanks
to Mrs. Passarelli, Mrs. Venalainen and Mrs.
Mayer for their missionary zeal in working
with our children. The children truly
experienced the love and mercy of God
throughout their formation process. As
always, we are deeply grateful to Father Jan
for his child-friendly homilies, and the
warmth and kindness that he expressed to
each and every child. We are truly blessed!
Reconciliation for Easter
Please note that on Tuesday March 12th at
7:30 p.m. there will be a Lenten
Reconciliation Service at St. Jerome Parish.
All students, especially those that will be
receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation,
are encouraged to attend and prepare for
Archdiocese Launches Pastoral Plan
Cardinal Thomas Collins has announced the
Pastoral Plan of the Archdiocese
of Toronto.
An insert was
included in a previous St. Jerome
Parish weekend bulletin which
summarizes the document and
provides a guide to this faith journey. All
Catholics are encouraged to pray and
discern how each one of us can contribute
to the overall goals of the Plan, living a faith
that acts in all that we do. The full plan is
available in several languages on-line at
Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club runs each morning from
8:25 to 8:40 and is made possible thanks to
sponsorship of the Boys and Girls
Club and Breakfast Clubs of
Canada. All students are welcome
to join. There are no stipulations,
other than a desire for your child to start
the day with a healthy breakfast! Thank
you to the many staff and parents who have
volunteered to assist with the Breakfast
Club and to Mrs. Maria DeSouza for her
devoted leadership.
If you would like your child to participate
in this program, call the school and ask for a
permission form to be sent home with your
Healthy Food Choices A Priority
Rosary Apostolate
Each month a team of volunteers visits our
school to teach about the mysteries of the
Rosary and to pray the Rosary with all of
our classes. The Apostolate is in dire need
of more volunteers to work in the schools. If
you can spare a ½ day a month please
contact Daniele at 905-451-5712.
The Ministry has mandated that foods for
sale at school must include healthy options.
Therefore, at Pauline Vanier we are pleased
to announce a variety of nutritious food
options outlined below:
Pizza Tuesday
For $2.00, students
purchase a slice of plain cheese
pizza throughout Lent. The
delicious whole wheat crust is
prepared to Ministry health and dietary
specifications. At the end of Lent we will
resume with the pepperoni pizza option.
Wednesday is Cookie „n‟ Milk Day
Nutritious and yummy cookies
and milk are available every
Wednesday for $2.00. Thanks
to our volunteer Mrs. Gomes
for coordinating this snack option. During
Lent students have the opportunity to
donate their cookie to a food bank or
homeless mission. These cookies are
approved by the Ministry in the “sell most”
Healthy Snack Friday
Mrs. Brathwaite, our Child Youth Worker
is reinstating the Friday Tuck Shop. A
variety of flavours of Kernels popcorn will
be available starting this week at $2.00 a
bag. Yummy!!!!
It‟s Cold & Flu Season
With the cold weather coming our way, and
the holidays around the corner, let‟s do all
that we can to keep colds, flu and other
viruses out of our families‟ busy lives.
Here are some good health habits we should
all practice to prevent these pesky illnesses:
-Wash your hands! It‟s the most important
way to keep ourselves germ-free!
-Keep your Personal Space -Avoid close
contact especially with people who are sick.
-Stay home when you are sick.
-Cover your mouth and nose. (Use a tissue
when coughing or sneezing)
-Mitigate the flu by getting the annual
Flu Vaccine
-Avoid touching your eyes, nose or
mouth. (that‟s how germs will get into our
-Also, try to stay active and eat lots of
healthy fruits & vegetables. We all need
the extra vitamins to fight the viruses off
and stay healthy.
Typical flu
common cold
-Fever (102°F/39°C104°F/40°C),
sudden onset, lasts 3-4
-Headache (usually
-Body aches and pains
-Fatigue & weakness
may last 2-3 weeks or
-Runny, stuffy nose;
-Sneezing (sometimes);
-Sore throat;
-Chest discomfort,
-Pneumonia, even
respiratory failure
-Runny, stuffy nose;
-Sore throat;
-Chest discomfort,
(sometimes - mild to
-Fatigue and
(sometimes – mild);
-Aches and pains
(sometimes –
mild to moderate).
Influenza (commonly known as "the flu") is
a serious respiratory infection that is caused
by the influenza virus.
Colds, stomach flu and other viral infections
are often confused with the flu but they are
caused by viruses different from the flu
For more information about the Flu;
-Call Peel Public Health: 905-799-7700
Or -Visit the Peel Public Health [email protected]
Immunization info-Peel Health
Peel Public Health has been reviewing
immunization records of all children
attending our school. If you
receive a letter that your
child‟s immunization is
incomplete, please ensure
that the required vaccine(s)
is received. Then, submit
proof of immunization to
Peel Health to update your family records in
order to avoid suspension of your child from
For more information please call Peel Public
Health at 905-799-7700 or visit
www.ImmunizePeel.ca. Translation
services are available.
“Welcome to Kindergarten” Night
registrations for next
fall are still being
accepted at the school
office. Parents and newly registered
kindergarten students for 2013-2014 are
invited to attend a “Welcome to
Kindergarten” evening on May 15th from
6:30 to 7:30 p.m. At that time, families will
participate in a variety of fun activities and
will receive a gift bag of resources to help
their child successfully transition to life at
school. Please contact the school office to
let us know if you plan to attend.
E.Q.A.O. Testing –
Grades Three and Six
A reminder that this year
the EQAO assessment for
Grade 3 and Grade 6 students
will run from May 27th to June 7th. We ask
that parents of students in these grades
ensure that their children are in attendance
for the full day during these weeks. Detailed
information regarding testing days will be
sent home with students shortly. Further
information about EQAO assessments is
available at:
Flex Boundaries
If you are attending Pauline Vanier School
on flex boundaries, this privilege must be
renewed annually. Please see the Principal.
Are you ticked?
Please check your property tax bill to ensure
your support is directed to the Dufferin-Peel
Catholic District School Board. You can
verify your support by contacting the
board‟s Admissions Department at (905)
890- 0708, ext. 24511 or 24512, or your local
municipal office.
Kiss and Ride
Parents are reminded to drop off children at
the location where a staff member is on duty
at the end of the kiss and ride lane. Please do
not use the turn-about near the Day Care as
a drop off spot for passengers. This is an
extremely dangerous practice as there are no
staff members on duty and it is a very
congested area in the morning and
afternoon. It has also come to our attention
that some drivers are ignoring the signs
prohibiting parent vehicles in the staff
parking lot. There should be no drop-offs or
pick-ups in this area.
No cell phones in school
Ministry and Board policy
prohibits the use of cell phones
in the school or on school
property. The school has warned
students that cell phones that are visible
will be confiscated and held in the office
until the end of the day (warning) or until
parents come to the school to retrieve the
device (repeated offences).
Students and parents have been reminded
on numerous occasions of the importance of
punctuality. Late arrivals at school continue
to be a chronic problem for many students.
Students who have more than two late
arrivals per month (without reasonable
explanation), will be required serve one or
more lunchtime detentions to “pay back”
the instructional time that has been lost.
Hands-off policy
Parents are asked to remind their children of
the importance of keeping their hands and
feet to themselves; and of the merits of
working through social problems with “nice
words” instead of their fists. Unfortunately,
some children are under the impression that
it‟s okay to hit if the other person hits them
first (arguing „self defense‟). However,
hitting is never okay. Self defense is an
argument only if it is impossible to escape
the situation. When a student is being
bothered, we expect them to speak firmly,
politely and assertively (by saying “STOP, I
don‟t like that!”) and then to walk or run
away. If the problem persists students are
urged to tell an adult on duty. All adults on
duty wear bright orange vests and carry
walkie-talkies. It is important to stress
with your child that name-calling, putdowns and physical aggression are never
appropriate responses, regardless of the
Playground Safety Rules
Stay in your designated area of the
school yard
Keep your hands and feet to yourself
No verbal insults or rude language
Treat all people with respect
Respect school property
Play non- contact games only
Stay on school property at all times
Keep snow, ice, rocks on the ground
Do not fight back; use nice words
If you are being bothered, say “STOP”,
walk away and/or report to an adult.
Cold Weather
Parents, please remind your child of the
importance of dressing appropriately for the
cold weather. With temperatures frequently
below freezing, winter coats, hats, boots,
and mittens are necessary to ensure
warmth, protect against illness and prevent
frostbite. We regularly remind students to
put on coats, hats, and gloves and to do up
coat zippers. Your support is appreciated.
We suggest your child has extra clothing in
their backpacks for emergencies.
Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board Policy
directs us to consider
modifying recess time
outside if temperatures
drop below the -20 degree
Catholic School Heritage
Question: Catholic separate schools had a
second obstacle to their survival. How
serious a problem for separate school
boards was the corporate tax issue?
This was very serious. As corporations like
the Ford Motor Co., Inco, the Royal Bank of
Canada and thousands of others came on
the scene, and as public utilities like the Ontario Hydro and the Canadian National
Railway were created, they could not pay
separate school property taxes. Thus the
assessment of urban public school boards
became wealthier and wealthier, while separate school boards received taxes from only
Catholic home and property owners and
from fully or partially owned small businesses. By the 1920s urban separate school
boards were operating with about onequarter to one-fifth of the revenues of their
urban public school boards. There were no
compensatory government grants.
Question: How did separate school
boards survive without corporate tax revenues?
The separate school trustees controlled the
boards‟ budget with more pupils per
classroom than in the public schools, with
much lower wages, with bare-bones
programs, with small playground, and with
minimum expenditures for the erection of
new schools. These methods still could not
balance their budgets. The main
contribution for the survival of separate
schools came from the religious teaching
Orders. They supplied principals and
teachers and worked for salaries of $300 to
$600 a year when public school teachers
were earning $3000 and up. There is no
question that Ontario‟s Catholics owe
today‟s separate schools to the early
contribution of religious Orders.
Please continue to send in your empty
milk bags so they can be woven into
sturdy, washable sleeping mats for our
friends in Haiti. Ask your family,
friends and co-workers to join us—
together we can make a difference.
Junior Science Olympics
This year, the Junior Science Olympics
competition took place at San Lorenzo Ruiz
School on February 23rd. Our students
showed excellent teamwork, problemsolving and creativity as they worked
tirelessly to solve three unique scientific
challenges. After reciting the „Science
Olympics Creed‟, students enthusiastically
tackled their first challenge. Here they had
to build a ramp that would propel a ping
pong ball the furthest distance. The second
challenge involved building the tallest,
floating tower that would also hold the
greatest amount of weight. Finally, the
team was challenged to create a vehicle that
would travel the furthest distance and also
safely transport five delicious cookies.
Congratulations to our team:
Danielle R. Grade 4
Jessica R. Grade 5
Quinton B. Grade 6
Philip D. Grade 6
Daniella C. Grade 6
Everyone worked diligently to successfully
complete all three challenges. The team
placed in the top half out of all the
competitors and had an awesome time.
Thanks to Mrs. Jessie DeSouza for working
hard to prepare the students and
supervising the activities of the day. Well
done team!
Eco School Certification
Did you know that school lunches are a
major source of waste in Ontario? In fact,
the average student's lunch generates a total
of 30 kilograms of waste per school year. In
an effort to engage students in
environmental initiatives, Pauline Vanier
School will be having Wasteless
Wednesdays every Wednesday starting
March 6th. Students are encouraged to
bring all snack and lunch foods in re-useable
containers . This initiative, as well as Turn
It Off Tuesdays (turning off all the lights
from 11:00 to 11:40 every Tuesday) marks the
start of becoming Eco certified, which is a
Board and Ministry mandated initiative.
Ask you child about a few other initiatives,
like the Energy Hog and G.O.O.S. bins.
For more information you can visit
Intermediate Girls Basketball
The intermediate Girls Basketball team is
comprised of:
Sydney C.
Adriana D.
Nicole D.
Kiara B
Brittney B.
Fernanda E.
Raphaella B.
Raven A.
Albright P.
Karolina W.
Congratulations to the Intermediate Girls
Basketball team. They fought very hard in
several nail-biting games against St.
Gregory, St. Veronica, St. Julia and St.
Barbara. As the injuries to several of our
team players mounted, our Pauline Vanier
Girls never gave up. Our coach, Mr.
Connelly, would like to thanks the girls‟
basketball team for all their hard work.
Intermediate Boys Basketball
The Intermediate Boys‟ Basketball team
consisted of Kris, Ashton, Jacob, Jason,
Ryan, Nathan, Jithmal, Adriano, Tyrese and
Kevon. Although the record for the season
was 1 and 3, all games were very competitive
and the boys played with tremendous
sportsmanship. Coach, Mr. Daniels, was
very proud of their efforts and dedication to
the team.
Grade 7 Diversity Conference
On Tuesday, March 5th, five of our grade
seven students travelled to the Annual
Grade 7 Diversity Conference and had a
wonderfully rich, cultural and spiritual
experience. The theme for the year was
“One in Faith” and had an Aboriginal focus.
The keynote speaker was Shannon
Thunderbird, who is a First Nations Artist
and Educator from the Coast Tsimshian
tribe. The concept of living as “One,” was
demonstrated through many cultural
stories, songs and dramatic skits. There
were also opportunities for several students
to beat on an Aboriginal drum together to
create a beat in unison that would represent
the “one” heartbeat of the community.
Afternoon breakout sessions focusing on
stereotypes and differences were lead by St.
Francis Xavier Secondary School students.
The students from Pauline Vanier that
attended this conference were Jithmal,
Maurizio, Nicole, Neetika and Raphaella.
Thanks to Mr. Daniels for his leadership in
accompanying the student delegation.
Great Big Crunch Day
On March 7th our school participated in
“The Great Big Crunch” with schools across
the country in celebration of Nutrition
Month. At 2:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
we simultaneously bit into crunchy, locally
grown apples to celebrate the bounty of
local producers and to highlight the
importance of healthy eating! The school
provided an apple to every student in the
school for this fun event.
SAVE THE DATE...theWizard is Coming!
Take an adventure to The Emerald City on
May 8th at 9th at Pauline Vanier! The cast
and crew of "The Wizard of Oz" have been
working very hard rehearsing for the production in May! We are getting very excited
as the date draws closer! Tickets will be
available for sale mid-April at the cost of $5
an adult and $3 a child. So don't forget to
follow the yellow brick road to this years
musical production of "The Wizard of Oz"
at Pauline Vanier.
Youth Faith Ambassador News
To kick off the Lenten Season, the Youth
Faith Ambassadors led the students at Pauline Vanier School in raising $400 through
the "Send the Love" Valentine's Day Candy
Grams Drive. What a huge success! Thanks
to our school community for such an enthusiastic response to the candy grams. We will
be sending a gift to Chalice to purchase a
cow and several beds for families in need.
Also, during the Lenten Season there are
many important initiatives taking place to
help students understand the importance of
Fasting, Almsgiving and Prayer during this
significant season in our Catholic Faith. The
"Change for Change" drive for ShareLife is
proving to be successful thus far. Keep up
the good work! We are also fasting on
Tuesday's, ordering pizza with no meat, donating cookies on cookies days and even collecting canned goods to send to the Eden
Community Food Bank. We wish to acknowledge all of those students who have
modeled charitable outreach during the
Lenten Season.
Also, Virtue T-Shirts will soon be available
to the Pauline Vanier community! So stay
tuned! All classes at Pauline Vanier had the
opportunity to perform a math task to determine which Virtue T-shirt is the top
choice at our school. Results will be available soon!
Health and Fitness
Getting fit and healthy can be fun! So come
out and join Ms. Tac for Fitness Fridays,
every Friday from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. for a funfilled dance workout. When the weather
warms up, Ms. Tac will be helping students
train for track through various running exercises. We hope to see more students come
out after the March Break!
Shoe Drive
As part of Lent and Almsgiving, the students in Ms. Tac's class are organizing a
Shoe Drive. We will be collecting "gentlyused" shoes until Easter. The shoes will be
donated to Dr. Simone and sent to those in
need in third-world countries. Please support our class as we work together to demonstrate Almsgiving during Lent.
Speak Up Winners
A group of students
committed to working
on the Wizard of Oz
school musical has been awarded a $1,000
Speak Up grant to be used to purchase
materials in the creation of props and
setting. Congratulations to Ms. Tac, Mr.
Daniels and our enthusiastic intermediate
Are You Moving?
We are in the process of planning classes
and staffing for the 2013/2014 school year. If
you are planning to move out of the area
between now and September 2013, please
inform the school at your earliest possible
Class Lists for 2013-2014
We will soon begin the process of making
up the class lists for next fall. This is a
complex procedure that takes into
consideration the needs of each child in the
context of the dynamic of the larger
classroom group. In each class we strive for
a balance of learning styles, gender, learning
needs and a cross-section of abilities,
interests and talents.
The current teachers of a grade, support
staff and administration all take part in the
process. If you wish to provide input into
the process please put your ideas in
writing to the Principal no later than
April 30th, 2013. We will not entertain
requests for specific teachers, nor can we
make assurances about avoiding combined
grades. Combined grades are a reality, and
it is to be expected that all students will
spend several years of their elementary
careers in combined grades.
When parents make requests for placement
we are interested in their perceptions of
their child‟s learning style, needs, strengths,
etc. A description of a child‟s ideal learning
environment will be helpful in choosing the
best placement.
March Break Reminder
The March Break this year falls on the week
of March 11th to March 15th. The last day of
classes before the break is Friday March 8th.
Classes resume on Monday, March 18th.
Have a wonderful break!
Earth Hour
This year Earth Hour is Saturday, March
23rd from 8:30 p.m. -9:30 p.m. As stewards
of the Earth it is our responsibility to
protect, nourish and preserve what God has
created for us. At Pauline Vanier School we
will continue to focus on our eco-friendly
initiatives and urge families to make a plan
to mark Earth Day 2013.
May 5th to May 11th
Try this Lenten Diet
Fast from criticism Feast on praise.
Fast from self-pity Feast on joy.
Fast from ill-temper Feast on peace.
Fast from resentment Feast on contentment.
Fast from jealousy Feast on love.
Fast from pride
Feast on humanity
Fast from selfishness Feast on service.
Fast from fear
Feast on faith.
Dear God,
You have done such a marvelous job of creating us
and the world around us.
You have placed this creation,
including all the people we meet, in our care.
We come to you now asking for the grace and strength
to keep a sense of kindness.
We hope that by recognizing and honouring this fruit of the Holy Spirit,
we can contribute to making our school
a safer, more caring, more inclusive community.
May kindness, the fruit of your Spirit,
help us to feel the courage to act
on behalf of people around us who are in need.
We ask this in name of Jesus, our brother,
who lived to show us your way.
Every Tuesday-Pizza Day
Every Wednesday-Cookie ‘n’ Milk Day
Every Friday-Healthy Snack Day
March 9th-17th-March Break
March 22nd-Toronto Conservation Authority visit
March 28th-Holy Thursday
March 29th-Good Friday
March 31st-Easter Sunday
April 1st-Easter Monday-no school
April 15th & 16th-Toronto Conservation Authority visit
April 17th-Easter Mass 9:30 a.m. (parents welcome)
April 19th-Toronto Conservation Authority visit
April 23rd-Chess Competition
April 26th-Grad Photos
April 27th-5:00 p.m. First Holy Communion
May 1,2,3rd-Grade 8 Ottawa Trip
May 9th-Wizard of Oz School Production
May 15th-Welcome to Kindergarten
May 21st-Battle of the Books
May 21st-Sacrament of Confirmation
June 14th-End of year Mass 9:30 a.m. (parents welcome)
June 21st-Kindergarten Graduation
June 26th-Grade 8 Graduation Ceremony
…for the memories…
Our 2012-2013 soft cover, full-colour yearbook (delivery-June,
2013) will capture these important memories:
Your child’s individual school photo
Your child’s class photo (K-8)
Grade 8 graduation photos
 A composite page of each class
 School events and highlights
School clubs and sports
An autograph page
Early-bird price of $20.00 per copy ($25.00 after April 2nd)
Please note that a minimum order is required in order to move forward. Deposits will be
refunded if we are unable to meet the service provider’s quota.
STUDENT NAME: _____________________________________
GRADE: _____________________________________________
TEACHER: ___________________________________________
(Parents/guardians who want to order multiple copies are asked to contact
Mrs. Bodsworth at 905-455-1001 to ask about a special family rate)
Please enclose CASH or CHEQUE payable to: Pauline Vanier School
Pauline Vanier Students Capture 1st Place Honour!!!
On Thursday March 7th, 2013 Mr. Connelly and his Math Mania Team travelled to
Our Lady of Peace School where they competed with fifteen other Mississauga/
Brampton Schools to achieve an overall score of 91.8% --a composite average that
allowed them to run away with the coveted trophy, and achieve 1st Place standing
in our family of school‟s most prestigious math competition.
Congratulations and thanks go out to Math Coach, Mr. Chris Connelly and his
fabulous team of mathematicians: Jason A., Nicole D., Leanne D., Fernanda E., and
Alana S. for their enthusiasm, commitment, team work and tenacity. We are so
very proud of you!
*Math Mania is an opportunity for Intermediate students within our family of
schools to foster an appreciation for knowledge and to strive for excellence. The
intent is to facilitate academic competition based on teamwork, cooperation, fair
play and fun. Students are challenged to demonstrate their numeracy skills in a
variety of activities based on the five strands of mathematics.
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