As you view the lecture, consider the following questions:

As you view the lecture, consider the following questions:
What were the causes of WW2?
How did Canada become involved in WW2?
How did Canada’s foreign policies in the 1930s contribute to the
start of WW2?
What evidence is there that prejudice and discrimination against
Jews existed in Canada?
The Treaty of Versailles
American President Woodrow Wilson offered a peace plan called
the “Fourteen Points” this plan was designed to prevent future
This plan proposed that world organization known as the “The
League of Nations” would be made up of countries from around the
world that would settle disputes peacefully.
Also, Woodrow’s “fourteen points” recommended that no revenge
be taken on the countries that lost WW1.
However, not all of his points were included in the Treaty.
Consequently, ignoring such recommendation would pay a terrible
Instead the Treaty humiliated Germany. Germany military was
also removed from the Rhineland, which was on the border of
The final humiliation was that Germany had to agree that it
“accepted the responsibility” for all the loses and damages during
1.Why do you think Canadians did not
care about that was happening in the
rest of the world during the 1930s?
2.What the purpose of the 14 points?
3.Why did the allies not accept the 14
Wilson’s dram to create an international
organization to solve disagreements
between countries peacefully seemed to be
realized. The US never ended up joining
the league, which greatly ruined its
After WW1 the American government
returned to its policy of isolationism.
ISOLATIONISM: This attitude of
“minding ones own business” was
adopted by many countries and
became a major cause of WW1.
Countries like Canada that did join the League of Nations promised to
stop aggressor countries from attacking other countries.
It was believed that with these aggressor countries, combined with the
use of force by member countries would stop imperialism and prevent
future wars.
 In 1931 the first serious test
of the League’s power
occurred when Japan invaded
the Chinese province of
 China appealed the League to
stop the aggressor but the
League did nothing.
 Italy also tests the League
when Mussolini invades
Ethiopia Africa in 1935.
 Prime Minister King of Canada
refused to agree to any trade
or military action against
Mussolini because he was
afraid of starting another war.
1. What was the stated purpose of the League of Nations?
2. Why did the US not join the League of Nations? What
effect dud this have? What effect did it have?
3. What did the League of Nations plan to do to stop
aggressor countries?
4. Why did the League of Nations fail to help China in
1931? What was the result?
5. What methods did the Fascist use to increase their
6. Why did Hitler copy the Italian Fascists?
7. What groups were the target of Nazi racism?
8. In what ways did Hitler break the terms of the Treaty?
9. What might have happened if France and Britain had
called Hitler’s bluff?
The policy of
Appeasement means
giving into the
demands of the
dictators, which can
make the dictators
even more hungry.
“a man of deep
Hitler convinced King that once Germany
regained its territories it had lost after WW1,
“he would be satisfied…and….would not risk
a large war”.
Prime Minister Chamberlain was Hitler’s
greatest political victim. Chamberlain firmly
believed that the only way to prevent
another war was to give into some of Hitler’s
Chamberlain was dedicated to maintaining
world peace and believed that Hitler would
stop the spread of Communism.
Despite Hitler’s promise to respect the
independence of Austria—German troops
forced takeover is called “Anschluss”.
The Munich conference agreed the German takeover of the
Sudetenland in return for a written promise from Hitler that he would
make no further territorial demands.
Under the intense British and French pressure Czechoslovakia agreed
to the German takeover and Hitler was once again triumphant.
On August 23, 1939, the world was shocked to learn the Nazi-Soviet
Pact made by Hitler and Stalin.
These ruthless dictators hated each other and it seemed impossible
that they would make an alliance.
The Nazis invaded Poland on September 1,1939. Over one million
soldiers poured into the country using a method of attack called the
Blitzkrieg or lighting warfare.
1. Why did so many people support appeasement?
2. Why did the policy of appeasement not work?
3. How did the fear of Communism help the Nazis?
4.What were Churchill’s views of Hitler? What
influence did he have on world leaders?
5. At what point did people finally realize that Hitler
was not to be trusted?