Year-9-Autumn - Holly Hall Academy

Year 9 Unit 1: Conflict and Tension 1918-1939
Key Focus:
Wilson and the Fourteen Points, Clemenceau and Lloyd George, Diktat, territorial changes, military
restrictions, war guilt and reparations, Reaction of the Allies, German attitudes, strengths and
weaknesses of the settlement
League of Nations and International Peace
Formation, organisation, membership, powers of the league, contribution to peace in the 1920s,
Locarno Treaties, Kellogg-Briand Pact, Effects of the Depression, Manchurian and Abysinnian Crises
and their consequences, the failure of the League to avert war
Origins and Outbreak of the Second World War
Hitler’s aims and Allied reaction, the Dolfuss Affair, the Saar, German Rearmament, Anglo-German
Naval Agreement, Remilitarisation of the Rhineland, the Axis and Anti-Comintern Pact, Anchluss, the
Sudeten Crisis and Munich, the ending of Appeasement, The occupation of Czechoslovakia, the NaziSoviet Pact, the invasion of Poland and outbreak of war September 1939
Key Questions/Areas for this unit are:
Were the peace treaties of 1919-1923 fair?
To what extent was the League of Nations a success?
Why had international peace collapsed by 1939?
Key Homework: (at least 6 out of 12 to be completed this term)
Draw a map of Germany from before and after the territorial changes that took place during the
Write your own treaty for Germany to sign after World War One. Remember the aim is to ensure
peace after the war. Include at least 5 terms.
Do you think the Treaty of Versailles was fair and why? Explain your answer in 50-100 words.
Did Germany have the right to rearm in 1935? Explain your answer.
To what extent was the Great Depression to blame for the failure of the League?
How should the world have reacted to Hitler after the Anschluss with Austria? Explain your answer.
Research: How did Hitler gain power in Germany?
Compare the strengths and weaknesses of the Treaty of Versailles. Does one outweigh the other?
Create a revision aid to help remember the reasons for the failure of the League of Nations
Create a revision mindmap showing Hitler’s steps to war from 1933-1939
Research and explain: Why was it so hard for the Big 3 to agree about what to do with Germany after
World War 1? Include the different experiences of each country during the war and how this
affected the outcome.
Write a persuasive speech as Neville Chamberlain trying to get public support to declare war on
3 in class assessments to be completed.