Ozone Layer Reading and Questions

Ozone Layer Reading and Questions
Go to this website and answer the questions that follow:
1. In what layer of the earth is the ozone layer found?
2. Describe ozone.
3. Of each 10 million air molecules, how many are ozone?
4. What type of UV radiation does ozone absorb?
5. What are some consequences of exposure to UVB (list at least 3)?
6. What has been noted recently about the amount of ozone in the ozone layer?
7. List a few substances that are considered ozone depleting:
8. What two elements do the above substances contain that breaks apart ozone?
9. What causes CFCs to release chlorine?
10. Where is the annual “ozone hole” located?
11. Why is ozone depletion considered a “global problem?”
12. Isn’t it messed up that some countries can produce pollution that damages the atmosphere for
everyone else?
13. Why did CFC production increase after the ban in the 1970s?
14. After the Montreal protocol, when were halons supposed to be phased out?
15. Yay! We did something right! What is the current state of the ozone and when is it set to be healed?