Inspiration and Participation
Promoting Diversity within the Organization and Beyond
Our Diversity, Our Strength: Showcase CALA International Outreach Activities
CALA-More than 35 Years of Commitment to Promoting Diversity
Min Chou, Incoming Vice President of CALA ,
Sai Deng, CALA Newsletter Co-Editor,
New Jersey City University Library
Wichita State University Libraries
CALA 21 Century
Librarian Seminar
Series Program
Workplace Diversity
Established in 1973, CALA is a professional organization with over 35 years
of demonstrated commitment and contributions to diversity. It aims to enhance communication among Chinese
American librarians, to collaborate
with librarians of all cultural backgrounds on the discussion and promotion of library services to all in the
United States, and to take a leadership
role in global reach with special emphasis on Asian and Pacific Rim countries. CALA members meet at national
conference programs in conjunction
with the ALA and also at local chapter
level every year.
an ethnic librarians organization CALA’s commitment to promote diversity is embodied in its mission, goals, and strategic plan;
CALA members work across the United States and have contributed to the success of
building a diverse workforce;
CALA members have helped to achieve cultural competency in workplace and promote library services to all users.
SW, 93
SE, 76
CA (South), 137
CA (South)
CA (North)
GMA, 186
MW, 243
CA (North), 187
Planning of JCLC 2012
CALA Has Taken a Leadership Role in the Planning of JCLC 2012
CALA Executive Director Haipeng Li co-chairs the steering committee
CALA members have enthusiastically volunteered to serve on committees
NE, 262
Dai Dai Xiang Chuan (代代相传)
opportunities for educational and professional advancement for its members
CALA offers scholarships to encourage and support diverse
students to become future librarians and library leaders
CALA supports ALA Spectrum Scholars
CALA provides travel grant and research grants to support
its members to be scholarly productive and professionally active and visible at conferences and programs
CALA provides outlets to showcase members’ scholarly and
professional achievements
young leaders and sponsors new leaders for the ALA Emerging
Leaders program
CALA members are in leadership
positions in public, academic, and special
libraries, as well as government agencies
at municipal, state, and federal levels
Current and past CALA Newsletter
Editors: Priscilla Yu, Sai Deng and
Suyong Jiang.
2007 CALA Scholarship Recipients: Lian Lauren Sin, Yi Ren,
Katherine Yanqing Sun and Xiaoai Ren.
2006 JCLC, Dallas, TX - Gathering at Waters: Embracing Our Spirits, Telling Our Stories.
to all people. As an ethnic librarians
organization, international outreach
has become an important component
by CALA and
many academic and cultural institutions, to date, CALA has
sent 12 teams of over 45 librarians, and delivered more than
100 lectures in 8 cities. The lecture series are highly recognized by librarians in China
ALA past,
current, and incoming presidents (Barbara Ford,
Loriene Roy, Jim Rettig,
Public Library,
Joint Mini Conference (NE chapters of
Miami University Libraries/Talawanda School District, Oxford, Ohio Middlebury Community Public
Library, Middlebury, Indiana
Networking and Collaboration
of CALA's strategic advantage. Its
diversity and international outreach
initiatives have created a strong presence in Asian and Pacific Rim Coun-
Rebuild libraries in China and Taiwan
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunrise Celebrations Breakfast
CALA members have made excellent presentations
to embrace the value of diversity and to share experience
in serving diverse users
Since 2005, the NE chapter of five ethnic librarians associations have organized six joint conferences annually
The conferences have attracted librarians from across the
countries to participate in and present at the programs
Leaders from across the ALA joined the celebration and read
selections from the works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and
Dr. E. J. Josey.
CALA raised over $20,000.00 to LSC
that were distributed to libraries destroyed or seriously damaged by the
2008 earthquakes in China.
Book on china earthquakes for sale to
CALA helped to rebuild libraries in Taiwan destroyed
and damaged by August 3, 2009 Morakot Typhoon
force on Helping Taiwan Libraries Destroyed/Damaged
in the 88 Morakot Typhoon.
are leaders in library organizations at local, state, national, and international levels
Shali Zhang at
the opening
ceremony of the
Library Society
of China Annual
raise funds for rebuilding Chinese libraries' collections.
CALA established the TaskPresidents of 5 ethnic caucuses
read words of MLK - 2009 Denver.
International Involvement
CALA has actively promoted diversity at a global level. Its members have contributed professionally and scholarly to the development of librarianship worldwide.
nese libraries & associations to provide Training Seminars on Preparation
for Natural Disasters, Emergencies,
Digitization and Preservation of Library Collections.
Joint Mini Conference (NE chapters of REFORMA, CALA, APALA, BCALA, AILA)
tries in recent years.
Google map shows the eight cities where the CALA 21st Century Librarian Seminar Series Program
was held (Kunming, Yunnan; Taigu City, Shanxi; Changchun, Jilin; Dongguan, Guangdong; Wuhan,
Hubei; Taipei, Taiwan; Shanghai; Taiyuan, Shanxi).
Collaboration among CALA and Chi-
CALA collected donations
for the CALA 88 Morakot
Typhoon in Taiwan Relief
Global Memory Net (GMNet) is a world digital library of cultural, historical,
and heritage image collections. It is directed by Prof. Ching-chih Chen of
Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts and supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF)/International Digital Library Program (IDLP).
At the IFLA:
Claudia Lux,
IFLA President
2007-2009, Michael Dowling of
ALA and Sha Li
Zhang of CALA
with the Ministry
of Culture officials in China.
IT and Global
Digital Library
Edited by Ching
-chih Chen of
Simmons College.
Total donations raised is
over $6,000.00.
CALA Executive Director
Haipeng Li, Co-Chair of
JCLC 2012 Steering Committee, read words of Dr. Josey.
Boston, 2010.
Spotlight: Together We Can Make More Impact
As an ALA affiliate, CALA has actively connected and collaborated with library organizations to achieve national success in promoting the value of diversity. These photos have highlighted CALA’s participation and contribution
in planning and organizing many programs and activities.
cultural, and
online activities to enhance family literacy
Help improve literacy and life skills for immigrant families from China
CALA members
CALA Publications: CALA Newsletter, Journal of Library and Information Science, Occasional Paper Series, Spotlight on CALA
Members and Bridging Cultures.
in 2006, this program
aims at promoting collaboration
and exchange between Chinese
and American librarians and addressing important issues of librarianship
CALA helped to rebuild libraries in China damaged
and destroyed by 5.12 earthquake in 2008
CALA offers
CALA mentors
Four participating libraries (two in OH, one each in IN and CA)
Bring together generations of family members through reading, exercise,
Vally Branch
Library, San
Public Library, Visitacion Vally,
Leadership Diversity Within
CALA and Beyond
opportunities for members to
develop leadership skills through serving
at various levels of leadership positions at
regional chapters and the national headquarter
CALA Project of President Alire’s Family Literacy Initiative
Photos of fundraising events during
the ALA Midwinter
Meetings in Denver and Boston .
CALA membership’s geographic distribution (2008-2009).
CALA provides
cess to information and technology
Promote the Value of Diversity – From Mission to Action
Education Diversity
reaching efforts to facilitate the ac-
CALA 2008/2009 Membership Geographic Distribution by State
Others, 149
CALA members are making global
Joint project of Think Globally, Act Globally
Min Chou, representing CALA,
read words of Dr. Josey. Boston,
Joint Conference of Librarians of Color
(JCLC) 2006
Ethnic Caucus Presidents Meetings
CALA actively participated in the first ever national conference
jointly sponsored by five ethnic associations (AILA, APALA,
BCLC, CALA, REFORMA), October 11–15, 2006 in Dallas, TX
Organized by the ALA Office for Diversity, ethnic
caucus presidents meet during the ALA to share information of common interest and plan for joint
Joint Project of Think Globally, Act Globally
The partnership of University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, CALA, and Library Society of
China wins near half million IMLS grant for US-China librarian collaboration and exchange
Six teams of CALA members have delivered lectures in China
CALA chapters have hosted Chinese library leaders for their visits in the US
CALA President Sha Li
Zhang read words of Dr.
King. Denver, 2009.
Chinese American Librarians Association
Xi'An September 2009: September 16-18, 2009, Continuing Education Program at Xi'An, China.
Signing Ceremony held at Library of Congress Members Room. From left
to right: Adair Margo, Chairman of the PCAH; Professor Paula Kaufman; Dr. Zhan Furui; Minister Cai Wu.
Professor Paula Kaufman and Dr. Zhan Furui sign the agreement establishing the cooperative and cultural exchange between American and
Chinese librarians.
Lanzhou: Sept. 2009 Program at Lanzhou,
November 2009 Program at Nanning, China.
April Training for the May 2009 Presenters: Pre
-training session held at UIUC for the first
group of presenters who will visit China in May.
Project Orientation at ALA Midwinter Meeting.
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