1 Blackboard Course Customization 1. Look and Feel A. Buttons or Links The navigation bar on the left of your Blackboard course can contain either buttons or just text links. If you choose links, you can also determine the foreground and background color of the links.
3 B. Course Banner You can create a course banner from a photo, a collage of photos, drawings or other images. Image formats of .jpg .gif .bmp, etc are acceptable. If you create a flash banner, you must save it as an animated gif. There are several programs you can use to create/edit course banners. You can download a trial copy of Adobe Photoshop elements for free. Even PowerPoint will allow you to save a slide in an image format (jpg, gif, png, etc). The banner displays above the Announcements page. Keep in mind that a long narrow banner works best. To load a banner to your Blackboard site, go to the control panel as above, click on Settings, Course Design, then Course Banner.
4 2. Add/Delete/Rename Content Areas
5 3. Add Tools to a Content Area 4. Change the order of buttons/links
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