Alcohol and Tobacco Study Guide Ethanol- Fermentation-

Alcohol and Tobacco Study Guide
EthanolFermentationDepressantIntoxicationBACAlcohol abuseBinge drinkingMultiplier effectDWIDUIAlcohol PoisoningFASSobriety-
A disease in which a person has a physical or psychological dependence on
An addict who is dependent on alcohol.__________________
The 3 stages of Alcoholism.
The steps for treatment of alcoholism.
About ________ percent of adult smokers begin the habit as a teen.
The addictive drug found in tobacco.______________
A drug that increases the action of the central nervous system and other organs.____________
A cancer causing substance._______________
Cigarette filters do not protect smokers from more than _____ carcinogens.
Tobacco that is sniffed through the nose, held in the mouth, or chewed._________ __________
Short term effects of smoking.
Long term effects of smoking.
How much does Tobacco-related illnesses cost the United States per year?
A person smoking one pack of cigarettes a day will spend about _________ a year on the habit.
Addictive drugCarbon MonoxideMainstream smokeSidestream smokeLeukoplakiaTarETS-