A number from 0 to 1 that Probability:

Volume 8
Developing Mindsets that Promote Growth
What do wethe
by “mindset”?
Educational Re
Mindsets are the assumptions and expectations we have for
ourselves and others. These attitudes guide our behavior and
influence our responses to daily events.
- Dr. Robert
A number from 0 to 1 that
shows how likely it is that an
event will happen.
Tips for Fostering a Growth Mindset:
Tip # 4. Be mindful of the goals you set for your children
and the messages they send.
 Work with your child to set goals that are
reasonable and desirable for both of you.
 All goals should emphasize growth – the
development of a skill or the expanding
Grades 7 & 8: Continuing
the Conversation About
Your Money Decisions!
Let’s discuss “Money in the News”…
 Have your child monitor the news in all
its forms (T.V., on-line…) to watch for
stories about money.
 Talk with your child about some of the
stories or items they have heard about
in the news (e.g., how could this ‘news
story’ impact our community and/or
family financially?)
Family Math Activities K-3
Big Bi
In probability situations, one
can never be sure what will
happen next.
Try this game during a car ride:
Call out events and have your child decide
whether it is something likely, is not likely or
will never happen. You are limited only by
your imagination! (e.g., we will swim in
January, a dinosaur is coming to the local zoo,
the leaves will change colour in the fall)
Probability from 4-6
Experimental Probability (a real-life experience): Suppose we have three pairs of socks
in a drawer, one blue pair, one green pair, and one red pair. What is the probability of
getting a matching pair if we reach into the drawer and, without looking, pick two socks?
Theoretical Probability (based on analyzing what could happen): Suppose you have
three pairs of socks in the laundry, one blue pair, one green pair, and one red pair. Now
suppose that somehow four socks disappear. Which is more likely: that the two socks
that are left will match or that they will not match?
Elementary Mathematics Program Team