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St. Hilary Catholic
Elementary School
March 2015
5070 Fairwind
Mississauga, ON
L5R 2N4
Office: 905-568-0056
Fax: 905-568-8236
T. Loftus
C. DeRoia
L. Papaloni
Thomas Thomas
Parish Priest:
Msgr. E. Pan
Associate Pastors:
Fr. J. Roldan
Fr. S. Savarimuthu
Dear God,
In love for us you sent Jesus
To save us from our sins.
Have mercy on your people today
And help us to begin this Season of Lent.
Forgive our sins and help us
To turn back to your love.
We ask this through
Jesus Christ your son.
Lent began on Ash Wednesday February 18, 2015 and
ends on Holy Saturday April 4, 2015
Children should be encouraged to pray during Lent.
One simple prayer that you can add to your family routine is called,
"My Morning Offering"
God, our Father, I offer you today
All I think and do and say.
I offer it with what was done on
Earth by Jesus Christ, your son. Amen
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Lent is a 40-day period of preparation for Easter Sunday and one of the
major liturgical seasons of the Catholic Church. A penitential season
marked by prayer, fasting and abstinence, and almsgiving, began on
Ash Wednesday. Classroom discussions and activities are designed
to enhance an understanding of the Holy season of Lent.
All of these activities are intended to help our students understand
the wonderful journey towards the Resurrection of Christ.
During this time, we are each challenged to cleanse our
hearts and prepare for the feast of Easter.
St. Hilary Catholic Elementary School
Pretzels for Lent
Junior Speech Competition
On Wednesday February 18, 2015 six
of our Junior students presented
fantastic speeches to their peers.
Congratulations to all participants for
taking part in this great event. They
were Kasper J., Mario C., Idara U.,
Jacob S., Monica C. and Reina G.
Congratulations to Reina for winning
3rd place, Jacob for winning 2nd
place and Monica for winning 1st
place. Monica advanced to the Royal
Canadian Legion competition.
Congratulations to all of our
participants for a job well done!
Intermediate Speech
On Tuesday February 10, 2015, six of
our Intermediate students presented
fine speeches with confidence and
enthusiasm. Congratulations to all
participants for taking part in this
great even. They were Megan C.,
Vince C., Andres D., Maryuri J.,
Juan D. and Wynebelle C.
Congratulations to Vince C. for
winning 3rd place, Megan C. for
winning 2nd place and
Andres D. for winning 1st
place. Andres advanced to
the Royal Canadian Legion
Excellent work everyone!
Special thanks to Mrs. Paniconi for
organizing both school-level events!
The pretzel has a deep spiritual meaning for Lent
dating back 1500 years. As part of our St. Hilary
celebration of the Lenten and Easter seasons, we sold
pretzels to our students. Many thanks to all who
participated in this historical and spiritual season of prayer
and hope by purchasing a pretzel. The proceeds of profit of
$170.00 will be used to purchase student resources.
MARCH 16th to 20th, 2015
If your family is moving from our
school area, please inform the
office as soon as possible.
Class Lists for September
We will begin developing next year’s class lists in May. If your
child(ren) will be returning to St. Hilary School and there are
particular learning needs that you feel we should consider when
making up classes, please put this in writing to the principal by
April 30, 2015. Only educational reasons will be considered in
this process. Please do not make requests for specific teachers.
If your child(ren) are on a flex boundary request, please note
that the enrollment is reviewed on a yearly basis and parents
must submit a letter to the Principal requesting flex boundary by
March 23, 2015.
Understanding Key
Issues in Catholic
When were the obstacles to the existence
of Catholic schools removed from the
Liturgical Events
St. Hilary’s Holy Thursday Liturgy will take place at
the school at 1:15 p.m. All are welcome to attend.
Virtue of the Month: Kindness
This month we will celebrate the virtue of Kindness.
Every person in our lives carries the Spirit of God – and so
every person is our brother or sister through Jesus Christ.
As brothers and sisters who share one Holy Spirit, we are all
valuable to God. We all deserve to be shown concern for our
welfare and our feelings. We have all been given the fruit of
the Spirit called kindness.
Kindness can only be seen through actions. It’s not enough
to say “I will be kind”, or, “I am kind”. We must show that
we are kind by our words and our actions.
Future Aces Attribute: Service
In the month of March, students are encouraged to use the
Future Aces Character of service, as well as the Virtue of
kindness. They are encouraged to be the best that they can
“How will I be of service to others, sharing the kindness God
has given me with those in need?”
Sacramental Key Dates
First Holy Communion Mass: April 18 at 10:00 a.m.
Confirmation Mass: April 16 at 7:00 p.m.
The United Legislature of Canada East
and Canada West in 1853, 1855 and
1863 removed all four obstacles to the
existence of Catholic schools. There
was no more double taxation so
Catholics did not have to continue
paying common school taxes—they
only paid separate school taxes. It did
not matter if there was a Catholic
teacher in the common school. The
separate school board did not need the
permission of the common school
board to open a new or additional
separate schools. The number of
Catholic heads of family to establish a
separate school was lowered from
twelve to five. As a result, the number
of separate schools grew considerably.
Grade 8 Confirmation Retreat
On February19th, many of our Grade
8 students attended the annual
Confirmation Retreat at Queen of
Apostles Retreat Centre where they
participated in a number of spiritual
and reflective activities facilitated by
Youth Faith Ministers John
MacMullen and David Patterson.
Thank you to Mr. Tremblay for
organizing the event, and, to
Ms. Hessing for your active
involvement throughout the day.
Special thanks to Father Joshua
Roldan for joining us that day.
We would like to extend our sincere
appreciation to our Catholic School
Council for their continued support of
this event!
St. Hilary
Supervision Times
Teachers are on
supervision duty 15
minutes before the start of
the school day. We ask
that your child not arrive
at the school prior to 8:45
a.m., and, that you ensure
that your child is picked
up promptly at 3:30 when
the bell rings
at the end of the day.
There is now a 3 minute
warning bell which rings
at 8:57 a.m. to prompt
students to be lined up at
their doors by the time the
entry bell rings
at 9:00.a.m.
Catholic Elementary School
Although not a
communicable disease,
pediculosis (head lice) it
is common for outbreaks
of pediculosis to occur.
When a case of lice is
found at school, we inform parents of the infected classes by way of
a special letter. In order
to control these pests,
we shall follow the
procedures outlined
below. We request your
full co-operation.
If a case is found in the
school, we inform all
parents of the students in
that class. We then
request that you check
your own child’s head.
If you find them to also
be infested, we would
ask that you contact us
so that we may advise
you of the proper
treatment for them.
This information can
also be obtained from a
pharmacist or Peel
Health Department. If
your child becomes infested with head lice, we
will ask you to keep
them out of school until
after they have been
treated with the correct
shampoo and their hair
is entirely clear of both
lice and nits (eggs).
When a child returns to
school, he /she must
report directly to the
office and be checked by
the principal or
designate before
proceeding to the
classroom or the yard.
No one is to be
re-admitted to class
without being checked.
If we all follow these
procedures, we may not
entirely escape
outbreaks, but, we may
prevent some cases, and,
bring others under
control quickly.
Administration of
Grade 3 and 6
Assessment of
Reading, Writing and
Mathematics will be
held in all elementary
schools throughout
Ontario from
May 25 to June 5.
Specific dates will be
Please try to
avoid booking
appointments or
vacations for your
grade 3 or 6 child
during this
assessment period.
To help prepare
students, please visit
EQAO.com and
follow the links for
Student and Parent
Resources, including
sample tests from
previous assessments.
Late Arrivals
We have a number of students arriving at school after the bell has rung. School begins promptly at
9:00 am. Parents are encouraged to ensure that their children are at school at least five minutes before the
bell. Students who are late must report to the office and sign in. When students arrive late for school, they
are missing valuable learning time. The interruption is also disruptive to the flow of the day for the entire
class. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Attendance Verification
Daily attendance and punctuality are very important. If your child is going to be late or absent
from school, please call the office at: 905-568-0056, press 1.
Inclement Weather Announcements
During the winter months inclement weather may cause disruption of bus transportation and regular
school operations. A decision to cancel school transportation and/or to close schools is usually made
by 6:00 a.m. and will be announced on the following radio and television stations:
FM Radio
AM Radio
99.9 FM
1050 AM
99.1 FM
860 AM
98.1 FM
590 AM
97.3 FM
640 AM
103.5 FM
680 AM
102.1 FM
1010 AM
100.7 FM
1540 AM
107 FM
1250 AM
Television Stations
CP 24
Global News
Winter Safety Reminders
Snow and Ice
As the winter weather continues, students are reminded that “Snow and ice are not to be thrown or
kicked.”. Every child in the school is aware of the importance of this rule in preventing injury to
others. Please assist us by reviewing with your child the dangers of throwing snowballs and ice and the
importance of preventing injury to other children. If your child throws/kicks snow or ice, they will
receive a ‘snowball’ letter and we ask that you review it with your child, sign and return it to the
school the next day. Together we will continue to create a school environment which is safer for all.
Winter Clothing
Parents and students are reminded that students need to be dressed appropriately for
the winter weather. We want our students to feel comfortable outdoors and not become chilled because
of inappropriate winter dress. Students should be wearing winter coats, boots, hats, gloves and scarves.
Students - particularly younger ones -are also strongly encouraged to wear snow pants.
Please listen to weather reports and ensure that children are dressed appropriately for the weather.
Please also ensure that your child has an extra change of clothing (socks and pants) stored in their back
pack. This will help prevent phone calls home when your child comes to the office with wet clothing.
Except under unusual conditions, students will go outside during recess and the lunch hour. The
outdoor break allows for fresh air and exercise. Health officials indicate that the fresh air is good for
children...not harmful, as long as students are dressed properly.
St. Hilary Catholic Elementary School
Kiss ‘N Ride
Please note that it is extremely important that parents drive slowly and cautiously while on
school grounds. The lane closest to the curb in the front driveway is for BUSSES ONLY.
The Kiss ‘N Ride lane is the middle lane. Please ensure that children exit your vehicle by the
right hand side passenger door(s) only
At no time should parents park and leave their vehicles unattended in the Kiss ‘N Ride lane.
Please park your vehicle in the front parking lot or on the street.
Parking Enforcement
City of Mississauga Parking Enforcement officers have been vigilant in enforcing city parking by-laws
in the area around the school. Please be aware of where you park your vehicle. There are fire hydrants
and other No Parking / No Stopping areas that need to be observed.
Please do not park and leave vehicles unattended in the Kiss ‘N’ Ride Lanes as they could be
ticketed. Cars parked in the Kiss ‘N’ Ride also create a very dangerous situation and impede the flow of
traffic. If you wish to walk your child to their entry point, we request that you park in the front parking
lot or on the street and escort your child.
St. Hilary staff and students have a variety of initiatives in place to heighten the community’s
awareness of environmental stewardship. Your support with this initiative is appreciated.
The Great Gulp
On Friday, March 13, 2015, staff and students are asked to bring a refillable water bottle to school for a
synchronized drink of tap water school-wide. The purpose of this event is to help create awareness about
the importance of Peel drinking water in our lives.
Earth Hour: Friday March 27 for one hour in preparation for Earth Hour on Saturday March 28, 2015.
Pop Can Tab Collection
Please continue to send in pop can tabs. The Royal Canadian Legion is very happy to receive the tabs,
as they are used towards the purchase of wheelchairs for those in need.
Battery Collection
Please collect and send in your used batteries to St. Hilary School. Batteries will be brought to a
recycling center for appropriate disposal.
Milk Bags Unlimited
Please send in milk bags. They are being shipped to Africa and other countries worldwide via
Dr. Simone’s Missions. This project keeps non-biodegradable plastic milk bags out of our landfills and
recycled into sleeping mats for the needs of others around the world.
Fruity Fridays
On Friday’s, students are being asked to dispose of their fruit and vegetable scraps in containers that
have been provided in each their classroom for composting purposes.
Upcoming Events
Mar 4
Watershed on Wheels
Gr. 1-4
Mar 5
Watershed on Wheels
Gr. 5-8
Mar 13
The Great Gulp
March Break
(Schools closed)
Full-Day Kindergarten Registration for 2015-16
We are accepting registrations for Full-Day Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 8, for
the 2015-16 school year. The following documents are required for registration:
 Proof of age of the child (birth certificate or passport)
 Original Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate of child or Baptismal
Certificate from an Eastern Church in full communion with the Holy See of
Rome. If the child has not been Baptised, then the Baptismal Certificate of a
parent is required.
 Updated immunization records
 Proof of Canadian Citizenship (birth certificate, passport, permanent
resident status)
 Two proofs of home address (property tax bill, current utility bill, real estate
document or Government of Canada issued forms)
Mar 27
Rosary Apostolate K-8
Mar 27
Intermediate Math
Mania Competition
Mar 27
Earth Hour Activities
Mar 30
Gr. 2 Retreat in a.m.
Mar 30
Skills Canada
Presentation for
Gr. 7’s and 8’s
Catholic School Council
The Catholic School Council sold Terra Cotta cookies, coffee and hot
chocolate during the interview evening on February 5th. Profit in the amount
of $225.00 will be applied towards the purchase of team uniforms for our
students. Thank you to the community for supporting this initiative! Special
thanks to the Janicki Family for donating coffee, and, to Starbucks for hot
chocolate donations.
The Catholic School Council has an email account which parents/guardians
may utilize to contact the Council chairs with questions/concerns.
The address is: [email protected]
Please join us for future meetings at 6:30 p.m.: April 13, June 1
Mar 31
Director’s Cut for
Gr. 5s
Math Support at Home
Apr 2
Holy Thursday Liturgy
1:15 p.m. at school
To support your child’s Math skills at home, the following websites
offer a wide variety of free activities that can help reinforce the concepts that
your child is focusing on at school. Please check them out!
Apr 3
Good Friday
(Schools Closed)
Apr 6
Easter Monday
(Schools Closed)
Pizza Days
Every Wednesday is pizza day.
Please pre-order using the monthly forms provided.
A huge thank you to Mrs. Ladislao who organizes our pizza days.