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Mr. Maurer
AP Economics
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2008 Free Response Question (Long) – Perfect Competition
1. Kwak’s Orchard grows apples and operates in a constant-cost, perfectly competitive apple industry.
Kwak’s Orchard is currently in long-run equilibrium.
(a) Draw correctly labeled side-by-side graphs for the apple market and Kwak’s Orchard, and
show each of the following.
(i) Market output and price, labeled as “QM” and “PM”, respectively
(ii) Kwak’s output and price, labeled as “QF” and “PF”, respectively
(b) Now assume that the government provides farm support to apple growers by granting an
annual lump-sum subsidy to all apple growers. Indicate the effect the subsidy would have on each of the
following in the short run. (This means that the government would pay apple growers a fixed amount
each year, regardless of the number of apples they grow. How would this affect their MC, AVC, and ATC
curves? You may have to go back to Chapter 9 to figure this out. Once you know what happens to the cost
curves, you can answer the following.)
(i) Kwak’s quantity of output. Explain.
(ii) Kwak’s profit
(iii) The number of firms in the industry (remember, this is the short run)
(c) Indicate how each of the following will change in the long run as a result of the lump-sum
(i) The number of firms in the industry. Explain.
(ii) Price
(iii) Industry output