Chapter 35-The Cold War Begins

Bell Ringers
Chapter 35-The Cold War Begins
1. Read the quote on page 820 in your textbook from Winston Churchill; what is the
author’s point of view? Who is the intended audience? What is the purpose of the
message? Please answer all questions in complete sentences.
2. Look at the map on page 822. How was the New York Daily News made the USSR
appear more menacing? Why do you think that the New York Daily News did this?
3. Read the quote on page 825 in your textbook from Winston Churchill. Why did Churchill
use such strong language? Why was Berlin so important? Why the defense of Berlin was
considered essential?
4. Use the political cartoon on page 827 to explain why so many Americans were uncertain
where the Truman Doctrine would lead.
5. Why were American efforts to establish a democracy successful in Japan and
unsuccessful in China?
Bell Ringers
6. Read Makers of America Scientists and Engineers on pages 832-833. What is meant by
“Big Science” and describe the link between this science and government in the twentieth
and twenty-first centuries? What are some additional examples of this relationship?
7. Why is it not surprising that the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 was passed, and why did
southern textile and steel workers resist unionization?
8. List factors that caused the postwar prosperity such as the following: The amount of
money spent on defense by the government, cheap energy, growth of agribusiness, rising
productivity, rising educational level of work force.
9. How did Suburbanization change the American way of life, both in the country and in the
city and how did having a home of your own become part of the American Dream?
10. Read page 847 Varying Viewpoints. What are the reasons historians give for some of the
stresses between the Soviet Union and the United States and what events might have
causes historians views to change as to who was to blame for the Cold War?