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Dear Families,
September was a very busy month in our kindergarten classrooms! October is just as busy and we hope
that you find this newsletter informative and helpful!
Thank you to all the families who sent in materials to support the classrooms. We are investigating fall
and would love your nature collections from a walk or trip to the park. We appreciate all the parent
volunteers who joined us for our trip to Downey’s Farm and our Terry Fox Walk. Thank you as well for
sending in your generous donations for such a worthwhile cause.
Unit of Inquiry – Investigating Play
For our first unit of inquiry we have been focusing on the IB Transdisciplinary Theme of Who We Are,
more specifically focusing on the Central Idea: Play is conducive to learning and fosters innovation,
creativity and curiosity. The lines of inquiry that we have been investigating are:
 Ways we discover and develop our interests
 How we learn about others through play
 Promoting play globally
Within our classrooms we have been getting to know each other by playing games, reading books and
poems, and signing songs. Students have been very busy creating works of art, constructing buildings out
of blocks and loose parts, and using their imagination at the dramatic center.
An important part of this unit is creating a safe and caring classroom community. To foster this idea we
have created an Essential Agreement in each of our classrooms that all members of the classroom
community must agree to follow. For your reference, a copy of the classroom and outdoor Essential
agreements will be included below.
Over the next few weeks we will be learning new songs and games, and listening to stories that have
originated from other countries; we are looking forward to including the global perspective in our inquiry
and in our classrooms!
Some Reminders
 Now that the colder weather has arrived, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately.
Many children are unable to zip their own coats, or pull out an inside-out sleeve. Please help your
children practice these skills as it encourages independence and feelings of success. Remember to
label all belongings to ensure a quick return should an item become lost.
We have noticed that some students are uncomfortable using pencils and scissors. Please provide
opportunities for your child to use these tools at home and correct his/her grip if necessary.
Please send all correspondence, pizza, and trip money in the communication bags.
Learning at home
In October we will begin the Snuggle up and Read program (SK) and a letter sound “homework” activity
(JK). We will send you more information in the upcoming weeks, detailing the purpose of the home
literacy activities.
Behaviour Education in the Play Yard
At the beginning of the school year, the FDK classes met for an assembly to create a Play Yard Essential
Agreement. The students shared their thoughts about using outdoor equipment and the play structure
safely. Then they decided together what was most important in order for them to play and interact
responsibly. They developed the agreement below that is posted in every classroom and referred to
when needed.
FDK Play Yard Essential Agreement
We agree to….
Be safe with our bodies
Be careful with materials
Share and take turns
Listen to our teachers and friends
***The Essential Agreement for the play yard was developed by the students of the FDK program at St.
James Catholic Global Learning Centre.
Ms. Navarro and Ms. Carreon’s Class’ Essential Agreement
We agree to….
Keep our hands to ourselves
Walk inside the classroom
Take care of our classroom
Listen to the teacher
Be KIND to each other
If you have any questions or concerns, please write a note in your child’s communication bag or contact us
at the school. Wishing you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving!
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever. Psalm 136:1
Thanks for your support,
The Kindergarten Team