Marketing – Chapter 1

Marketing – Chapter 1
…is the sum of all the activities involved in
the planning, pricing, promoting,
distributing, and selling of goods and
services to satisfy consumers needs and
The object of marketing is the distribution of
goods and services – divided into two
categories: industrial and consumer.
◦ Industrial (also called business)
 Are products used in business to make other products
or to assist in business operations.
 Can be raw materials, processed or finished goods
Raw materials are usually marketed to
businesses that process them or use them in
◦ Mining companies, logging corporations, farms all
market raw materials
Processing alters the nature of the product.
◦ Converting trees into wood pulp, pressing apples
into juice, are examples of processing.
◦ Processed goods are sold as finished goods or
semi-finished goods. (flour mills need bakeries)
-products that no longer require processing and are
used to make another product or provide a service.
(an auto manufacturer requires spark plugs, fan
belts, tires, circuit boards, etc)
..are nonindustrial products intended for
personal use by the general public. Retail
stores sell consumer goods.
This course will explore how marketers select
distribution channels, consider consumer
motivation, and implement marketing ideas
to make decisions about the goods that are
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