November 24, 2015 Dear Parents,

November 24, 2015
Dear Parents,
We want to thank you for all of your extremely generous donations for the toy sale. It was
a great success. Without all of your cleaning of toy rooms and donations, we could not have done so
well. (We hope you are happy to be rid of some of the “stuff” as well.) Thanks to all of your efforts,
we earned nearly $539.27!! What a nice surprise our needy family will have come Christmas morning.
LET’S MEET AT WAL*MART TO SHOP!! Our annual shopping trip to Wal*Mart will be
Tuesday 12/1 from 3:30 until 4:15. If your child wants to participate in the shopping venture, drop
them off inside the store near the customer service counter, and pick them up inside the store. This is
for their safety. We need well behaved, conscientious shoppers. We will be using their ideas for the
shopping as well. We like to use our estimating skills while shopping too. Parents are welcome to
stay in the store to do some of their own shopping if they’d like.
We will pack up the gifs the following days for delivery on Friday December 4th. If I could
have a volunteer to come to MW to pick up the gifts and deliver them in Hawthorn Woods that
would be great. I will provide you with more info as needed.
Thank you so very much for your generosity at this special time of year.
Your 5th Grade Team
B, J, E, M