Industrial Revolution – Independent Learning Questions Name:____________________________________

Industrial Revolution – Independent Learning Questions
Read Pg. 371-391
Answer the following Questions
Pg. 371-376
What was the “principle of legitimacy”?
What were the views of the conservative movement?
How did liberalism and nationalism begin to break through the conservative domination of Europe?
What countries experienced revolutions in 1848?
Pg. 378-385
How did the Crimean War destroy the Concert of Europe?
How did Giuseppe Garibaldi contribute to Italian unification?
What events led to German unification?
How was Great Britain able to avoid Revolution in 1848?
How did the election of Andrew Jackson influence American politics?
How did the British North America Act change the government of Canada?
Pg. 387-391
How did the popularity of Ivanhoe reflect the interests of the 19th century?
How did Darwin’s theory of natural selection influence the way in which people viewed the world?
What factors helped to produce the movement known as realism?
10 Point Extra Credit Questions
(Must complete all questions to get extra credit)
Pg. 371-391
Explain changes in the popularity of Conservative, liberal, and nationalist movements.
Identify and explain reasons for revolutionary outbursts and reforms in Europe.
Describe the events that led to the unification of Italy and Germany.
Describe developments in the United States and Canada.
Identify and explain characteristics of romanticism and realism.
Describe events in the new age of science.