Kyle Marr

Kyle Marr
What is the
purpose of this
- The artist is
implying that when
we are texting and
driving it’s a clear
distraction to us
driving. It blurs of
vision of the road.
What is the
significance of
the colors in the
-The artist chose to
keep the colors in a
unisex setting. The
purpose of this is to
not target either
males or females for
being at fault when it
comes to texting a
Which appeal is
most noticeable
in the photo?
- Logic appeal is
most noticeable
because the artist
is using the text
blocking the view
as an irrational
way to drive.
What is the focal
point of the
-Obviously, the focal
point should be the
text that is covering
the area of the
windshield. This is
suppose to represent
how text messages
and block your view
of the road.
What would the
purpose of this
photo be if we
removed the
text and
- The purpose of the
photo would
changed from don’t
text and drive to
maybe an
advertisement for a
reupholster and
interior design
How is the
emotional appeal
conveyed in the
- The artist uses texting
and driving as the photo
because it is a topic that
is of great concern of
recent and most have
been effected by this.
How does the
artist(s) establish
their creditability?
-By forming a team
with a leader to create
this photo, they
establish their
creditability this way.
They also have more
photos linked to the
What if we
removed the
interior of the car?
-Removing the interior
of the car would be a
huge loss in the overall
purpose of this photo.
Once the interior is
removed from the
photo, the purpose
could possibly
demonstrating the new
language and
abbreviations of the
modern time.
Why is the
company’s logo
so small?
-The company is
using a public
announcement and
want the focus to
be on stop texting
and driving instead
of their company.
Who is the audience
for the photo?
-The audience is
anyone who drives while
texting. In this modern
era it can be said to be
directed to teenagers,
but many adults are at
fault as well.
What is missing
from this
-The driver’s hands!
The artist left the
hands out of the
photo to resemble
the driver actually
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