Gee!! I Wish I Were a Man. Haley Williams

Gee!! I Wish I Were a Man.
Haley Williams
The History
Howard Chandler Christy’s
“Gee!! I Wish I Were a Man”
Navy recruitment poster was
a rallying cry for both
patriotism and feminism. It
was distributed during World
War II. Christy was famous
for his paintings of historical
works and portraits of
What is the Purpose of this Ad?
The purpose is to
convince men to
“Man up” and join
the navy to fight
in the war.
Who Is The Audience?
The audience is men.
More specifically it
is young men in
their late teens and
early twenties. Men
who would be fit
enough for the
What make the
author credible?
Or why should
you listen?
Christy, the artist
was famous for his
work. He was
commissioned by
the US government
making the call to
sign up for the navy
very credible.
What is the logic The advertisement
was used during
behind this
World War II. The
logic is that men
should sign up to
help in the war.
What is this
It insults a man’s
masculinity. When
insulting a man’s
masculinity they will do
almost anything to
prove their masculinity.
Tell a man he’s not
manly enough to join
the navy and he will join
the navy.
What action might people have taken
after seeing this ad?
Men will join the
navy to prove
how “manly”
they are to help
fight in the war.
What was omitted? How does it
change the add?
The Girl was omitted.
Without her the eye
catcher is lost in the
picture. It also
lessens the message
by not giving the
words a speaker.
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