8/28/2015 Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,
I am so excited to have kicked off the 2015 school year! I am LOVING my new class of
5th graders and commend them each day for their hard work and effort!
We are having a great time getting to know one another, building our classroom community,
deciding what rules we want to govern us, going through classroom policies and procedures,
learning about brain research and what best practices in learning are and doing some
pretesting to figure out where everyone is so that all kids will be appropriately challenged
as we get into our subject areas. Phew! We've done a lot!
Each week I will be sending an email update to ensure that you know what we've been
learning in the classroom, as well as any important upcoming events/information. If you are
responding to my email, please remember to hit "Reply" and NOT "Reply All" when
sending me emails!
I’m hoping all of you received my first email I sent earlier this week. Please be sure to let
me know I have your correct email and complete the student survey. I hope you have a
GREAT weekend with your children and I look forward to meeting you on Tuesday at our
Curriculum Night!
Saturday, August 29
Tuesday, September 1
Back-to-School Picnic 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Please meet in the gym at 6:30 p.m. Classroom presentations
will immediately follow the introduction.
Thursday, September 3
Monday, September 7
Friday, September 25
Wednesday, September 30
LABOR DAY – No school
Institute Day – No school
Calling all volunteers!!! Every year, the 5th grade participates in Revolutionary War Days, an
enrichment activity for 5th grade students. They will learn about life during this period from
hands-on experience at a variety of stations. All volunteers are welcome regardless of what grade
your child is in. Parents of current 4th graders are strongly encouraged to assist for purposes of
becoming familiar with this activity. Please find the link to sign up below:
Group Organizing Made Easy!
Hello, Beth Whiteman!
It's time to start planning for RWD. As you are all aware this is a volunteerintensive activity and the sooner we can fill our positions the better. For those
of you with newsletters to send - can you include a link to the signup?
Sign Up