________________________ Tic-Tac-Toe for Student Choice Activities

________________________ Tic-Tac-Toe for Student Choice Activities
1. Draw the location of the
earth in relation to the sun
showing the different
seasons. Look in the
science book or on the
2. Pick an animal. Explain
and illustrate how it adapts
to seasonal changes.
3. Complete a 5 senses
graphic organizer about
your favorite season.
4. Role play how the earth
rotates and revolves around
the sun.
5. Draw 4 pictures showing
what an apple tree looks like
in summer, fall, winter and
6. Make a model of the earth
on its axis. Demonstrate
how the earth rotates to
cause day/ night.
7. Brainstorm a list of
seasonal words then create
a word search of those
seasonal words.
8. Pick your favorite season.
Describe it. Tell why it is
your favorite.
9. Make a chart of the
seasons. List the holidays
under the correct season
I see…
I hear…
I smell…
I feel…
I taste…
Name _____________________________ I chose activities #_____, #_____, #_____.
Date _____________________
Due date ___________________