Department of Visual Arts Ascension of Our Lord Secondary School Course Code:

Department of Visual Arts
Ascension of Our Lord Secondary School
Course Code:
Course Name:
Visual Arts
Grade 10 Open
Student Name: ________________________
Course Description: This course emphasizes learning through practice; building on what students know; and
introducing them to new ideas, materials, and processes for artistic thinking and experimentation. Student
learning will include the refined application of the elements and principles of design, incorporating the creative
and design processes, and the relationship between form and content.
Demonstrate an understanding of the design process;
Differentiate historical artworks by content, theme, style, techniques, and materials;
Explain the social and historical context and the chronology of distinctive artistic styles;
Identify the skills required in various visual arts and art-related careers.
 Produce a work designed around specific objectives and challenges (e.g., composition issues, subject
matter, use of visual language);
 Demonstrate the ability to take varied and creative approaches to using materials, tools, processes,
and technologies in studio activities;
 Explain the importance of process in relation to the final product;
 Use concepts of visual literacy in describing their art activities.
 Apply critical analysis processes to their artwork and works studied;
 Identify sensory, formal, expressive, and technical qualities in their own works and works studied;
 Describe interrelationships among art, the consumer, and the community.
Efforts will be made to meet the individual learning needs of students to promote student success
with respect to meeting the expectations of this course.
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Course Timeline:
Unit 1:
Unit 2:
Unit 3:
Unit 4:
Unit 5:
Unit 5:
Review/Drawing skills
Mixed Media art/Construction
Body, gesture, large scale work
Independent studies
15 hours
20 hours
20 hours
20 hours
20 hours
20 hours
Ongoing: 15 hours
Art history & theory
Culminating Summative Tasks will be administered towards the
end of the course and will be weighted at 30% of the final
mark. These tasks are specifically itemized below.
The course will use a variety of resources. The primary
textbook, Discovering Art History, will be used by
students throughout the course. There will also be
an ART KIT to be purchased shortly within the
start of the school year. Price TBA. The contents
of the kit will be described on a separate order form.
Students are welcome to purchase necessary materials
on their own throughout the year, but please note that
they will not benefit from school/bulk discounts. The
text and all other resources/materials assigned to each
student are the responsibility of the student. Any
damage incurred to the text will result in payment for
replacement ($85).
All timelines as stated are approximate and media are subject
to change according to availability.
Evaluation Policies
1. Student marks will be determined by evaluating process & product according to 4 categories (see
below) & 4 levels of the Achievement Chart as found in the Ministry Policy document for
Evaluation Structure::
Term Evaluations = 70% of the final mark. Final Evaluation = 30% of the final mark.
Final Evaluations will include: Final Exam= 15%, Culminating Task = 15%
2. Feedback will also be provided for student learning skills. Working independently, teamwork,
organization, work habits/homework, and initiative are assessed apart from student achievement in
the four categories outlined above and will conform to the coding:
E – Excellent
G – Good
S – Satisfactory
N - Needs Improvement
3. Assignments submitted after the due date established by the teacher will receive a penalty in
accord with our Board Assessment & Evaluation Policy Document as outlined in the student agenda.
4. Should a student miss an evaluation due to a legitimate absence, in accord with our Board A&E
Policy Document, the student and teacher will make arrangements to address the missed
evaluation in a timely manner. In the cases of extended vacation or prolonged absence,
consultation with the appropriate administrator is required.
5. In the event that the student does not make up the missed evaluation(s), a zero may be assigned.
If it is determined that the evaluation(s) has/have been missed as a result of a skip/truancy or
has/have been plagarized, a zero may be assigned.
6. For all other cases of absence and/or missed evaluations (including absence during the final
examination period), please refer to our Board A&E Policy as outlined in the student agenda.
May God bless your efforts this semester!
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