St. Augustine Catholic School Council Unapproved Minutes October 30

St. Augustine Catholic School Council
Unapproved Minutes
October 30th, 2008
Adeola Joseph, Anna Podesta da Silva, Bill Bustin, Chris Calderaro, Concetta Curia, Connie Tavares, Gilbert
Carreon, Gina Tousignant, Lillian Jass, Marg Gormley, Maria Cockburn, Maria Tuzi, Mary Antongiovanni, Milena
Francia, Peter Mazzuchin, Tom Iwasiw, Vanda Zufich
Meeting start at 7:39 pm
Opening Prayer
Approval of Agenda and Minutes
Motion to approve Agenda
 Motion to approve by Peter
 Seconded by Lillian
Motion to approve September 25th Meeting Minutes
 Motion to approve by Peter
 Seconded by Vanda
Correspondence & New Business
 Prayer booklet for councils
 Connie Tavares, Parish Rep will hold
 The Enduring Gift booklet
 Gift to council providing brief history of Catholic School Development
 Various leaflet/newsletter from October 25th meeting
 Upcoming Workshops
 February 12th, 2009 – Joe Rich “Parenting: The Long Journey
 April 4th, 2009 – Keynote Speaker and Vendor Marketplace
 Fundraising Ideas List
 People for Education Monthly Newsletter
 School Council Survey due December 12th by People for Education
 Trustee Tony da Silva 20th Anniversary
 McCarthy’s Introduction letter as our Uniform Supplier
 Area Schools directory
 Outstanding Teacher nominations
Guest Speaker
 Mr. Neves – Academic Resource Department
 Awards ceremony taking place November 6th
 Nominations package sent to all departments in April
 Lists all awards and criteria for each one
 Meeting to select winners
 Graduation Bursary award ($200)
most improved student over the last 4 years
includes marks, attitude and personal development
 Undergrad Bursary award ($100)
Student who most contributes to school community; working in the background
All students eligible
 Support for identifying students as exceptional (ie. learning development, autism, hearing
 Individual Placement & Review Committee (IPRC)
Core: Family (identification), School (review), Board (gifted, autism, hearing)
Meetings to review progress
12 teachers, 12 ERW’s in department
202 identified students (26 PIP’,s 12 IEP, 6 autistic)
St. Augustine Catholic School Council
Page 3 – October 30th, 2008
Work towards planning for independence (life skills, culinary, musical)
Prepare for being out in the community (work experience)
Integration into school community as much as possible (socialization)
Individual educational plans for each student
Annual review for progress
Principal’s Report
 Principal (Tom)
 Motion to invite guest speakers at council meetings, motioned approved by council
 Teacher surplus, no impact this semester; however, one less teacher next semester
 Re-organization of classes for January
 Proposed boundary changes due to new school in area ready in September
 School improvements: New sidewalk to Special Ed buses
 Staffing – 4 teachers are pregnant, leaving in semester 2
 Meeting for next year course calendar taking place
 Nicaragua experience cancelled for this year; not enough students
 Student Council dance on October 24th; DJ not fully paid due to some issues with show
 Student Council Fundraiser for Charities (Cancer Society, Heart & Stroke, Xmas food drive with
Church and Sharelife donations)
 Halloween costumes allowed on Friday, October 31st
 Vice Principal (Gina)
 Wednesday, November 5th – Take Our Kids to Work
 Report cards November 13th
 Parent/Teacher interviews November 20th from 5:00 – 7:00 pm
 Mid November, buses will be filled with students on waiting list
 Electric sign now working, brief messages with up to 10 words can be displayed
 YES program started with 30 students
 Committee for Student Safety and Health
Identify areas in school than can be safer or healthier
Cost free initiatives
Achievable initiatives
 Learning Committee (Literacy, Numeracy, Evaluation)
Prepare students to be successful in tests
Treasurer’s Report (hand-out)
 Current balance as of September 30th $1,178.04
 Cheque for Undergraduate Bursary $100
 New account opened at Scotia Bank, Four Corners
 Cheques ordered and have arrived, $158.43 due to cheque vendor
 Record keeping in office
 Mary needs to close old account at TD; needs letter from school authorizing the close, Principal
to issue letter
 Uniform sales during Parent/Teacher Interview night
 School will place a call to all parents notifying them of sale
 Bill, Concetta and Maria to sell
 Cash only, no refunds
 School Council Training
 Took place October 25th @ St. Francis Xavier with mass following at Saviour of the World
Chinese Catholic Church by Bishop Celebrant
 Alpha program mandate to lead by example, Catholicity, meeting every 3rd Wednesday, monthly
 We are at a risk of losing $8000 towards Catholic awareness funding in Ontario
 Suggestion to have volunteers go into schools and do presentations to talk about OAPCE
 Reach out to the community for support
St. Augustine Catholic School Council
Page 3 – October 30th, 2008
Matters from Last Meeting
 Invite Tony Da Silva to a meeting, deferred to a later date
 Police Checks – deferred to next meeting
 Affidavits – Additional information required, manual may be outdated, printed in 2002
New Business
 Focus for this year “Preserving Catholic Education”
 Motion by Anna to have a retreat on January 24th for a presentation/workshop
 Peter Buntin of Ontario’s Trustees Association
 Motion approved (8 votes)
 Award Ceremony – school council representation to present awards needed – Concetta or Mary
 Nominations – exceeded maximum of 12 voting rights of board bylaw
 4 executive members, 11 representatives
 Motion by Anna to create a new bylaw to accept all nominations submitted, motioned passed
 New Bylaw
St. Augustine Parent Council 2008-2009 members total 15
Commitment to attend all meetings
Regrets of more than 3 times, member will lose voting privilege
Must be present at November 27th meeting to accept position
 Motion to Adjourn
 Motion to adjourn by Lillian
 Seconded by Peter
Meeting close at 9:28 pm