Developing Mindsets that Promote Growth Operations: Volume 3

Volume 3
Numbers are used to describe
quantities, to count, and to add,
subtract, multiply, and divide. It is
important to recognize when each
operation is appropriate to use and
which tool and/or strategy is most
helpful when solving problems.
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Nelson Math has a home connect for grades 3-8
Developing Mindsets that Promote Growth
What do we mean by “growth mindset”?
Growth mindset is a belief system that suggests that one’s
intelligence can be grown or developed with persistence,
effort and a focus on learning.
- Mary Cay Ricci
Tips for Fostering a Growth Mindset:
Tip # 5. Praise Effort, Practice and Process – Not Outcome
 When your child succeeds, talk about the work that went
into the success (e.g., “You worked hard on the project
and I’m so happy you did well.”)
 Praise persistence and perseverance (e.g., “I’m so proud
of you for not quitting.”)
Family Math Activities K-3
Big Bi
There are many situations to
which an operation is applied,
and there are many
procedures, (algorithms) for
each operation.
 Three people shared some grapes. They all had
the same number of grapes. How many might
there have been? How many do you think there
might not have been? Discuss with your child.
Measurement from 4-6
Big Idea: There are many situations to which an
operation is applied, and there are many
procedures, (algorithms) for each operation.
 There are two types of bread (white and
brown) and 3 types of cheese (cheddar, swiss
and mozzarella). How many ways can you
combine them to make different sandwiches?
Discuss the operations used with your child.
Grades 7 & 8: Continuing the
Conversation about Financial
Let’s discuss how “Advertising” affects our
money decisions…
Discuss with your child which of the following
advertising techniques do you think is the most
effective at influencing your opinion about a
product or service?
1. Repetition – repeating their message over
and over again in an ad or a series of ads
over time. (eg: “I’m lovin’ it”, “Just do it!”)
2. Conformity – aims to have you “get on
board”, be “in” and “get with it”.
3. Imitation – using a celebrity associated
with the goods or service. The advertiser
hopes that those who like and respect the
celebrity will imitate the behaviour by
using the product.
“Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.” Luke 6: 29-30