宝 库 山
中 华 全 书 :
跨 越 历 史 和 现 代
审 视 最 新 和 最 古 老 的 全 球 大 国
Modern and Historic Views of the World’s Newest and Oldest Global Power
The five-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of China is truly
a 21st-century work with its coverage of environmental
issues, global economics, online communications, and
the latest political developments. While these volumes
include many articles about China’s earliest history—
going back 5,000 years and even further into the past—
the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China is focused on the
events, concepts, and people that matter today. The
authors of its 800 articles are scholars at major Chinese
and Western universities and research institutes. The
accessibly written and lavishly illustrated articles range
from 600 to 6,000 words. Article titles appear in English
and in Chinese with pinyin transliterations and tones
to help those studying the language, while primary
text sidebars add historical perspective. The Berkshire
Encyclopedia of China provides unrivaled insight into
China’s past, present, and future.
2,754 pages
8½ × 11 inches
Price: US$675
Booklist Editor’s Choice
Library Journal Best
Reference Source
800 illustrated
articles divided into
8 subject areas:
Amongst the authors are eminent Western
scholars William Theodore de Bary and
William H. McNeill, and contributions come
from over 300 international experts including
Daniel Bell, David Buck, Kerry Brown, Cindy
Fan, Dru Gladney, John Howkins, Guo Liang,
Cheng Li, and Colin Mackerras. The Berkshire
Encyclopedia of China is illustrated from museum
and library archives and a wide variety of other
sources, including the extensive collection
of Joan Lebold Cohen.
• Arts & Culture
• Business & Economics
• Geography & Environment
• Governance
Berkshire Publishing specializes in international
relations, cross-cultural communication, global
business and economic information, and
environmental sustainability.
• Language & Learning
• Science, Medicine, & Technology
• Society & Social Welfare
• Values & Worldview
Available in print and also online by subscription,
with a preview of the entire Berkshire Encyclopedia of China, in full color,
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a global point of reference
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