MARCH 31, 2014
Present: Dean Connie Foster, Deana Groves, Brian Coutts, Jack Montgomery,
Kristie Lowry, Jennifer Wilson, Eric Fisher, Haiwang Yuan, Jan Renusch and
Bryan Carson
Minutes: The March 24, 2014, minutes were approved on a motion by Brian
Coutts and a second by Haiwang Yuan.
Dean’s Report/Announcements: Debbie Pace and Connie met to review Phase III
and IV of Helm and Cravens outside building projects for the summer.
Completion date for masonry work to Cravens is July 15. The Helm roofing this
summer is a separate project and a different contractor.
-Connie met with Charles Harrison, Facilities Management, about Cravens 13
renovations and a request to again be occupied by another department on
-Connie reported that the Campus Library Advisory Council advised that a
biannual Library Survey is sufficient.
-Connie and Carl Fox, Graduate School Dean, met regarding graduate students
orientation, tours of the Library, and a simple library survey to be sent to
the grad students.
-Connie discussed a possible planning retreat for department heads for the
new academic year, maybe August 12 or 14 with other LLC members joining in
the afternoon. She also discussed the new HR procedures for hiring that
replaces Forms 1-3.
-Connie and Kristen will be making development calls in April.
Library Systems Office: Eric gave highlights:
-28 tasks/requests were completed
-The LSO technology request form now links to the TeamDynamix Service Catalog
or faculty/staff may call 5-7000 or LSO staff for assistance. Further
training for faculty and staff to use the TeamDynamix site will be provided
in the future.
-The last Windows XP machines will either removed from the network or
upgraded to Windows 7 this week and Windows XP machines will no longer be
allowed on the network after April 8th.
Literary Outreach: Kristie reported that she's working on the 2015 headliners
as well as the 2014 Book Fest. Also, Jet's pizza has agreed to donate pizzas
for lunch for volunteers on Friday and Saturday.
-The Kentucky Literary Award committee is meeting today to select the 2014
winner, and the Meet the Authors invitations will go out this week.
Marketing: Jennifer is working on SOKY Book Fest publicity, including
posters. She is also working on author ads for the Daily News. WKU Store
discount coupons are being mailed to Friends to celebrate National Library
Week, Poetry Month and Preservation Week.
-For a social media update, Facebook has 741 followers, Twitter has 779
followers, Pinterest has 86 followers, Instagram—a relatively new format for
Libraries- has 43 followers. Amanda Hardin and Allison Day have been working
on some vine segments which can stand alone or be integrated into other
social media formats. There was a comment about Tumblr being quite popular so
Jennifer made note for the social media committee. She also commented that
the Libraries is fortunate to have so many willing people to work with social
media as it is another opportunity to communicate to select audiences;
however, she said further assessment would be good to study these followers
and learn more about who they are and are the same people using multiple
Web & Emerging Technologies: Haiwang reported that the dean has appointed the
WKU Libraries Web Site Implementation Task Force. It will implement changes
to the homepage of the Libraries’ Web Site based on a study conducted by the
Web Site Task Force led by John Gottfried. Members of the Web Site
Implementation Task Force include, Allison Day, Laura DeLancey, Eric Fisher,
John Gottfried, Katie King, Daniel Pawley, Carol Watwood, and Haiwang Yuan
(Chair). The task force has scheduled its first meeting this coming Friday to
review the dean’s charge and establish a timeline and workflow.
-Haiwang reported that he had participated in the Research Office’s Tacos and
Topics: Educational Technology meeting on March 5th to learn about the WKU
faculty’s need for library services and resources as they used education
technologies to conduct online teaching. Participants disagreed on the
effectiveness of technologies as they were probing pedagogies to be applied
to online teaching.
Grants/Assessments: Bryan said that the Gordon Wilson Storage Project is
-Bryan asked for a substitute to attend the next Research Council meeting as
he will be at KLA.
Department Head Reports:
Dean: Connie distributed a list of non-tenured faculty and their tenure year.
-All faculty Vitas have been turned in. A few are not yet in Digital
-Connie asked for recommendations to replace Tammera Race’s committee
assignments. Rosemary Meszaros will be appointed to serve on the Student
Research Council. Amanda Drost will be the chair for the Undergraduate
Research Award Committee, and Audrey Robinson-Nkongola will be appointed to
serve on the committee.
DLTS: Deana reported that the final candidate for DLSC Department Head,
Jonathan Jeffrey, interviews this week.
-Nelda Sims updated the OPAC to the latest Voyager version and configured it
to display the RDA fields. There will be an RDA presentation/training by
Amanda Drost and Uma Doraiswamy on April 10 at 10 am in Cravens 111.
-The Glasgow Juvenile collection will now be a circulating collection. Bib
Access and Nelda are working with Chris to make the necessary changes in
-Crystal Bowling and Deana Groves attended a WKU Student Employment meeting.
Crystal will move all students to their supervisors as we prepare for summer
employment. The Library Student Personnel Office will now be responsible for
the Special Collections Library student assistants.
-Sad news, Jeannie Butler’s mother passed away early this morning.
Information concerning arrangements will be emailed later today.
DLPS: Brian reported that Judy Lowe, author of Tennessee & Kentucky Garden
Guide: The Best Plants for a Tennessee or Kentucky Garden will be the final
speaker in the Kentucky Live! Series, Thursday, April 10th 7:00 pm at Barnes &
-WKU Libraries was one of the sponsors of a talk in the “Tracing the
Unexplored: Brazil’s Multicultural Society” series given by Dr. Riverson
Rios, Associate Professor at Universidade Federal do Ceará, a visiting
scholar at WKU’s School of Journalism. He spoke about 12 most common myths
and misconceptions about the country to an overflow crowd at the Faculty
House on March 26 at 3:00 p.m. Brian Coutts introduced the speaker and
served as Moderator
-Brian and Bryan will be going to Glasgow to check out the problem with
falling ceiling tiles.
-Daniel Peach is working on the Library Summer hours schedule.
-Jack said that Student Government Association is going to fund half of the
cost for paper copies of test materials to be kept on reserve.
DLSC: All DLSC faculty have requested a second monitor for their computers if
they are available.
Kentucky Library Research Collections - Allison Day has received notice that
her chapter entitled “Volunteers Needed in Libraries” has been accepted by
Scarecrow Press for their upcoming publication Making Libraries Integral in
the Lives of Baby Boomers.
-The DLSC faculty met on March 27th to discuss the issue of retaining multiple
copies of the same titles in the collection. As a result of those talks, a
document/policy is being created. This policy will also contain a statement
of gift accession and retention.
-Manuscripts - In regard to the proposed Evelyn Thurman Collection, Jonathan
reminds us that all manuscript collections are separate entities with their
own call numbers. An MSS collection could include letters, copies of
articles by or about the person, diaries, reminiscences, recollections about
the person, photographs, etc. The two things it would not contain would be
printed books or artifacts. It would be the Evelyn Thurman Papers or
-Jonathan has also purchased four new manuscripts: S.R. Stambaugh letter,
Gen. J. Allison letter, Luther Clark letter and The William Shreve Bailey
letter with his new Manuscripts fund line within the Library materials
-University Archives - Digitized 1996-1997 College Heights Herald due to
reference request for articles – still in process of data entry in
PastPerfect and uploading to TopSCHOLAR.
-Digitized 3 library scrapbooks due to reference request – still in process
of data entry in PastPerfect and uploading to TopSCHOLAR. One of the
scrapbooks is about the first SOKY Book Festival.
-April McCauley is preparing for an exhibit in the Harry Jackson Gallery with
assistance from Donna Parker. She has received training from Allison, Nancy,
Sue Lynn and Jonathan regarding retrieving materials from their areas when
she is working at the Reference desk.
Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 11:40 am.
For the Council,
Jan Renusch