Poster Project Grade Sheet Group Number: Group members:


Poster Project Grade Sheet

Group Number:

Group members:

(5) Title:

___ Date and times of study (1)

___ Group information – number and members (1)

___ Mention Ridley Creek (1)

___ Title is descriptive (2)

(10) Purpose:

___ Used own words (2)

___ Described physical measurements to make (2)

___ Identified physical specimens to collect (2)

___ Identified purpose of doing study – what we can learn about creek by doing study (4)

(3) Materials :

___ Complete list of all materials used (both own and provided)

(12) Procedure:

Included steps for all of the following in own words:

___ weather

___ compass reading

___ set up transect line

___ transparency

___ temperature

___ velocity

___ width of stream

___ depth of stream and depth with sediment

___ higher animals

___ plankton

___ benthos

___ aerial map

(13) Data:

Included all of the following:

___ weather

___ transparency

___ temperature

___ average velocity, depth, and volume

___ width

___ depth of stream/with sediment

___ plants

___ higher animals

___ plankton

___ benthos

___ aerial map

___ biotic index calculation

___ chemical data

(12) Conclusion:

___ Explained what the chemical factors tell us about the creek. Mentioned what kinds of organisms can live there based on chemical factors, possible sources of pollution in the creek, etc. (5)

___ Explained the biotic index – what the quality of the creek is based on the benthos collected.


___ Explained the importance of benthos, plants, plankton, and higher animals to one another within the ecosystem of Ridley Creek. Used terms from the ecology worksheet to relate these organisms to one another. (4)

(20) Visual aid requirements:

___ Neatly done, no glue globs/smears, pencil lines, eraser marks, smears.

___ Colorful, colors contrast well.

___ Text is easy to read – bulleted format, small paragraphs, font easy to see (size and type chosen).

___ Creative, well-planned design – group took time to plan layout of all materials, all text and visuals arranged in a visually appealing manner.