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Communities Government
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The national celebration of our country’s independence.
What is the 4th of July.
A night time activity in some
communities that lights up the sky.
What are fireworks.
The celebration honoring the man believed
to have discovered America.
What is Columbus Day.
An event that helps celebrate a holiday with
marching bands, community groups, and
large balloons or floats.
What is a parade.
The symbol of our nation’s strength and freedom.
What is the bald eagle.
Materials that come from nature, such
as wood or stone, that people use.
What are natural resources.
The things we all must have,
such as food, clothing, and a
place to live.
What are needs..
Something difficult or hard to understand.
What is a problem.
A way of doing things.
What is a custom.
A group of people who have the same language
and culture and share a way of life.
What is an ethnic group.
A word meaning “to rely on.”
What is depend.
A work that someone does for someone else.
What is a service.
People live in communities to
belong, to work, or to do this.
What is have fun.
When people share their special skills
with others in a community it helps do
What is save time and/or make life easier.
Doctors, nurses, and
firefighters are people who
help keep a community this.
What is safe and healthy.
Rules that a community makes.
What are laws.
The leader of some community governments.
Who is the mayor.
What happens because of what a person does.
What is a consequence.
To work together.
What is cooperate.
People from our community who are chosen as
leaders in the courts.
Who are judges.
A time of quiet or calm.
What is peace.
Something a person should do because
it is necessary and important.
What is a responsibility.
An answer to a problem.
What is a solution.
To treat everyone in a way that is
right and honest.
What is fair.
A set of values and traditions handed down to a
group from those who lived before them.
What is heritage.