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Hot Water,
Cold Water
Water Vapor
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The smallest part of a substance
that is made up of two or more atoms.
What is a molecule
A state of a substance with a definite
shape and volume.
What is a solid.
The natural force that pulls objects toward each other.
On Earth, all objects are pulled toward the center of the Earth.
What is gravity.
To change from a liquid to a solid state as a
result of cooling.
What is to freeze.
The skin-like surface on water (and other liquids)
that pulls it together into the smallest possible volume
(a sphere).
What is surface tension.
To get smaller; to take up less space.
What is contract.
To get bigger; to take up
more space.
What is expand..
To go under water as a result of being denser than water.
What is to sink.
To stay on the surface of water
as a result of being less dense than water.
What is to float.
The temperature at which water cools enough to
allow its molecules to form a lattice-like structure
as the water begins to form ice.
What is 4˚C.
When water vapor touches a cool surface
and becomes liquid water.
What is condense.
When water in a material dries up and goes into the air.
What is evaporate.
The sequence of condensation
and evaporation of water on
Earth, causing clouds and rain
and other forms of precipitation.
What is the water cycle.
The area of liquid exposed to or
touching the air.
What is surface area.
The gaseous state of water.
What is water vapor.
To empty or move liquid from a surface,
basin or container; to carry away surface water .
What is to
To break down into particles so small when mixed
with water that a substance seems to disappear.
What is to dissolve.
To be soak into or move into another material.
What is to absorb.
The part of a waterwheel that the blades turn.
What is the shaft.
A term used to describe the purity of water.
What is water quality.
An earth material made of hydrogen and oxygen,
found as a liquid, solid (ice), or gas (water vapor).
What is water.
A tool used to measure temperature.
What is a thermometer.
Water pushed ahead of a storm like snow before a shovel.
Water piles up along a coast, rushing toward land faster than
it can return to sea.
What is a storm surge.
A slanted or tilted surface.
What is a slope.
Anything that has mass.
What is matter.