Trump vs. Clinton Research • Locate at least FOUR credible sources.


Trump vs. Clinton Research

• Choose three issues important to you

• Locate at least FOUR credible sources.

• Research what BOTH candidates’ stated positions are on these matters. Be clear and specific about what THEY say.

• Are their positions clear and understandable or do they seem unnecessarily vague?

• Make a works cited page for the four sources. Also include a 2-3 sentence justification of why you thought this source was good.

• Assess the views of each.

Would they be good or bad for America in your opinion?

• Create a 2-page summary to compare both candidates’ positions.

Two column chart?

Written summary?

• Military Spending and

National Defense


• Jobs & the Economy

• Budget & National Debt

• Russia • Taxes

• Middle East

• China

• Immigration

• Protection of minority rights (including LGBT issues)

• Climate Change &



• National Infrastructure

(investment in roads, bridges, railroads, etc.)

• Health Care

• Education