The Resurgence of Conservatism: 1980-1992

The Resurgence of Conservatism: 1980-1992
Notes Chapter 40 AP
What was the “New Right” and were their concerns?
How did Ronald Reagan emerge as the Republican candidate for president
in 1980?
What is meant by neo-conservatism?
Why/how did Reagan win the election of 1980?
What were Carter’s last acts as president?
What is meant by the “Reagan Revolution”? Explain – Describe:
Explain Reagan’s economic philosophy/program:
Why did the economy experience an up – turn in the 1980s?
What were the consequences of Reaganomics?
What was Reagan’s position on the Cold War and the Soviet Union during
his first term in office?
What was the nature of U.S. involvement in Lebanon?
How did Central America become a concern for U.S. foreign policy?
El Salvador:
What was/were the significance/events of the 1984 election?
How and why did the U.S. relationship with the Soviet Union change in
Reagan’s second term of office?
Explain the Iran-Contra Imbroglio:
What was Reagan’s economic legacy?
Culturally, how was the 1980s a response to the 1960s?
How did Reagan shape the Supreme Court?
Sandra Day O’Connor
Ward’s Cove Packing v. Antonia
Martin v. Wilks
Webster v. Reproductive Health Services
Planned Parenthood v. Casey
Describe the economic troubles that plagued the Reagan administration at
the end of his term:
Who ran for president in 1988 and what was the result of the election?
Describe the end of the Cold War:
Eastern Europe:
Soviet Union:
Issues involved in the dismantling of the USSR?
What precipitated the Persian Gulf Crisis?
Describe the U.S. response to Iraqi aggression:
How did George Bush redeem his pledge for a “kinder, gentler America”?
How did Bush aggravate the explosive issues of the 1980s?
Why was there growing disenchantment with the Republican
administrations by the end of the 1980s?