Science Chapter 2 Vocabulary set one

Science Chapter 2 Vocabulary set one
Vocabulary can be done 2 ways. They MUST be hand written, not done on a computer. They
will not be accepted if they are typed.
 You can do them as note cards.
o Title card with your name on it
o Word on one side
o Definition on the other
 Do them as a list on lined paper
o Name at the top of the page
o Write word, comma, definition
o Skip a line between each definition
When doing definitions, your best bet is to use the text book glossary. Sometimes there will be
words that are not in the glossary and need to be looked up elsewhere. When that happens,
sometimes words have multiple definitions. Please use the definition that is most fitting for
Earth Science. An incorrect definition will not help you learn the material.
1. Mineral
2. Inorganic
3. Crystal
4. Mohs Hardness Scale
5. Streak
6. Luster
7. Density
8. Cleavage
9. Fracture
10. Florescence