Kindergarten Weekly News Just a Reminder Books That Fill the Bill

Kindergarten Weekly News
Just a Reminder
Please continue to practice
Please send in a small object
from home that begins
with the letter “P” for our
alpha-friend of the week
on Friday, January 22nd.
Please remember to send in
a daily, healthy snack.
Upcoming Events
In honor of our unit on
animals in winter,
kindergartners will be
participating in a special
“hibernation” day. Children
may wear their pajamas to
school on Friday, January
29th. Please send in your
child’s favorite stuffed
teddy bear on this date. We
will be working on creative
activities to review what we
have learned about winter
adaptations. We may even
do a little hibernating
January 22, 2016
We’re Flying High
Next week we will be
practicing with letter “P”.
Please practice letter/sound
recognition with letter “P”. /p/
is a lip popper made by
placing the two lips together
and pushing out a quiet puff
of air. /p/ is a quiet sound
and uses no voice.
Wheel Activities: Children
will be continuing with
phoneme segmentation
(breaking up the sounds in
words) and alphabetic
principal (letter/sound
Social Studies: Children
participated in a special
activity this week to celebrate
Dr. King’s birthday. Ask your
child how delicious it is to
have a rainbow of friends.
Math – Children are
continuing their study of
subtraction. We are
learning how to use the
subtraction sign in an
equation. Please practice
when to use addition and
subtraction by providing
your child with simple
story problems and
asking them to decide if
the problem involves
taking away or putting
Books That Fill
the Bill
What Makes a Rainbow
By Betty Ann Schwartz
Ideas for how to use this
book at home:
In this story, little rabbit
learns that every color of the
rainbow is important.
Discuss with your child how
all people are unique and
how each of us adds
something wonderful to the
world with a unique talent,
skill or personality trait.
Using crayons or
watercolors, have your child
create a rainbow. Help your
child to think of the unique
gifts that special people
(friends or family members)
in his or her life possess. On
each color of the rainbow
write one of these gifts and
discus how all these people
together make your child’s
world a wonderful place in
which to live.
Pig In a Wig
By Sue Groves
Ideas for how to use this
book at home:
Pull the tabs of this book to
find rhyming words. Write
each of these words on small
cards and then ask your child
to find the words that begins
with the sound /d/ and so on
until he or she has identified
the beginning sound of each