Ch.1: Life in the Western Hemisphere Lesson 1 Outline

Ch.1: Life in the Western Hemisphere
Lesson 1 Outline
I. Migration to the Americas
A. Moving Into the Americas
1. The________________________________was a long period of extreme cold.
2. Low temperatures caused large areas of Earth’s water to_______________, forming
thick sheets of ice, or_______________.
3. This caused the levels of the oceans to_______________.
4. Bering Strait
a. is a narrow____________________________________________
b. during the Ice Age, it became_______________
c. it formed a______________
_______________ that linked Asia
and North America
5. Scholars believe the first people began to_______________, or move,
to the Americas between_______________ to _______________ years ago.
6. A theory is a_______________________________________________
7. Historians believe that large animals like_______________and
_______________crossed the land bridge, and_______________followed them.
8. Some scholars think that early people migrated by_______________.
9. The first Americans_______________, or changed, their ways of living
B. Ways of Life
1. People lived in small bands, or_______________, of people and depended
on_______________herds of animals for food. They moved_______________.
2. Animals were used for more than food
a. hides made_______________or were stretched over wood frames to make
b. bones and tusks were used to make_______________and_______________
3. Tools were also made from_______________.
a. spear points
b. _______________
c. _______________
4. We know about their lives from_______________, or objects that someone made in
5. Scientists who interpret these clues are called_______________.
C. Changing Way of Life
1. As the Ice Age came to an end, Earth’s_______________began to get
_______________and glaciers_______________.
2. Large Ice Age animals became_______________
a. they could not_______________to their new climate
b. _______________killed them off
3. People had to find new_______________
a. they hunted for_______________
_______________ and
b. they_______________plants that grew wild
1) _______________
2) _______________
3) _______________
4) _______________
c. they moved with the_______________to find food
4. About 7,000 years ago, they learned to grow food_______________
a. instead of gathering, they started_______________seeds
b. _______________made it possible for people to_______________in one
c. now hunter-gatherers could become members of settled_______________