Comet Scholars

Comet Scholars is the dual credit program at Carlisle County High School that enables
students to get a head start on college at a significantly reduced cost. This program gives
students a chance to complete a wide variety of general education requirements before ever
stepping foot on a college campus. West Kentucky Community and Technical College, Murray
State University, and the Four Rivers Scholarship Program have worked with our high school in
providing this amazing opportunity for our students. West Kentucky Community and Technical
College offers courses to our students through their West Kentucky College Academy, and
Murray State University offers courses through the Racer Academy.
Comet Scholars Course Offerings
Courses subject to change each semester depending on college offerings.
West Kentucky College Academy courses:
ENG 101
ENG 102
MAT 150
OST 105
CUL 100
GEN 100
Writing I
Writing II
College Algebra
Introduction to Information Systems
Introduction to Culinary
Introduction to College
COM 181
COM 254
Public Speaking
Introduction to Intercultural
Introduction to Art
Introduction to Literature
Introduction to Music
The Solar System
History of the US through 1865
History of the US Since 1865
American Government
General Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Theatre
ART 100
ENG 161
MUS 100
AST 191
HIS 108
HIS 109
POL 101
PSY 110
PSY 223
SOC 101
THA 101
CCHS Campus; taught by CCHS teacher
CCHS Campus; taught by CCHS teacher
CCHS Campus; taught by CCHS teacher
CCHS Campus; taught by CCHS teacher
CCHS Campus; taught by CCHS teacher
CCHS Campus; taught by WKCTC professor
online assignments required
West Kentucky College Academy courses offered at Mayfield/Graves County
Area Vocational School:
CAR 126-127
CAR 140-141
CAR 190-191
CMM 110
CMM 112
CMM 120
CMM 122
EET 250
EET 254-255
ISX 100
WLD 110/111
WLD 151
WLD 120-121
WLD 140-141
WLD 130-131
AHS 105
AHS 120
AHS 100
MNA 100
Introduction to Construction/Lab
Surveying and Foundation/Lab
Light Frame Construction/Lab
Fundamentals of Machine Tool A
Fundamentals of Machine Tool B
Applied Machining I
Applied Machining II
National Electric Code
Electrical Construction/Lab
Industrial Safety
Cutting Process/Lab
Basic Welding A
Shielded Metal Arc Welding/Lab
Gas Metal Arc Welding /Lab
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding/Lab
Introduction to Health Occupations
Medical Terminology
Human Growth and Development
Medicaid Nurse Aid
Racer Academy courses:
AGR 100
AGR 130
AGR 133
Animal Science
Agriculture Business & Economics
Field Applications in Ag
AGR 182
AGR 199
AGR 100
AED 104
CHE 101
COM 131
Introduction to Vet Science
Contemporary Issues in Ag
Animal Science
Intro to Ag. Education
Consumer Chemistry
Introduction to Interpersonal
Issues and Practices of American
Tutoring and Mentoring in Schools
World Geography
Earth Science
Mathematical Concepts
The Theatrical Experience
EDU 103
EDU 106
GSC 110
GSC 199
MAT 117
THD 104
CCHS Campus; taught by CCHS teacher
CCHS Campus; taught by CCHS teacher
CCHS Campus; taught by CCHS teacher or
CCHS Campus; taught by CCHS teacher
**For course descriptions, please visit each college’s website.
***Students must have earned at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average to take one online course
per semester as a junior and/or senior. Students must have earned at least a 3.75 cumulative grade
point average to take two online courses per semester as a junior/and or senior.
Comet Scholars Admission Requirements
For West Kentucky College Academy:
Be approved by high school counselor
Meet Compass/ACT placement criteria
 Different courses require different ACT/Compass scores. Students must have the
following scores for English & Online courses: English ACT = 18 or Writing Compass = 74
AND Reading ACT = 20, Reading Compass = 85. Students must have the following scores
for College Algebra: Mathematics ACT = 19 or Math Compass = 36. Math Scores of 1921 on the ACT and Math Compass scores of 36-49 will require that the students sign up
for a math lab along with College Algebra.
Complete College Academy application and provide high school transcripts
Attend orientation session with Director at your local high school
Enroll in courses with College Academy Director
Grade earned will be recorded on college transcript
 A,B,C,D,E, or W
 College grade point average (GPA) and/or withdrawal affects financial aid, KEES, and
selective admission programs
 Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA for financial aid eligibility
 Students must complete the withdrawal form to withdraw from a course, or the grade
they have at the end of the semester will be recorded on the transcript.
Purchase textbook(s) if required for course.
Need to be motivated, organized, and dedicated.
For Racer Academy:
Be a high school junior or senior
Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 OR rank in top half of class
Submit the following information
 Application for Admission
 High School Transcript
 ACT, SAT, or PLAN scores from the testing agency or posted on your transcript
Minimum scores required are ACT Composite = 18, SAT =870, or PLAN = 18
English Course Requirements: English ACT = 18, Verbal SAT = 450, ACT PLAN = 18
Math Course Requirements (Including CSC 199): Math ACT = 20, Math SAT = 490; PLAN =19
Must meet prerequisites for individual classes
Recommendation from high school counselor; approval/permission form
Comet Scholars Course Transfers
Most general education courses will transfer to other colleges in Kentucky. However, it is the
STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to make sure the dual credit courses taken will transfer to the
postsecondary college he/she plans to attend. In addition to calling or e-mailing the college, students
can log onto the website at to check out transferring courses. Not all
colleges are available on this website.
Comet Scholars Costs & Savings to Parents/Guardians
Type of Course
50% tuition; $216
$50 service charge
total; tuition
What it Would
Cost You in
At least $382
 There will be a one-time $30 application fee to the Racer Academy. Students do not have to
reapply to MSU if they are accepted to the Racer Academy. This cost will be waived if the
student qualifies for free/reduced lunch.
 The Mary Jo Young Scholarship is available to students who qualify for free/reduced lunch
and/or are first generation college students. This scholarship pays for two courses plus books
per semester at one college only.
 The Four Rivers Scholarship will help pay for tuition for our students and will also greatly offset
your costs.
Comet Scholars Transcripts
If a student does not attend the college he/she takes dual credit courses through, the student must
request a transcript of courses from the college be sent to the postsecondary institution the student
enrolls in after high school. The guidance counselor cannot request this transcript for you.