Force Term Definitions

Force Term Definitions
A. Force – A push or pull on an object that changes it’s velocity, direction or shape.F=M●A
B. Gravity – A force that attracts any two objects to each other.
C. Friction – The resistance produced when the surface of one object rubs against
the opposing surface of another object.
D. Velocity – Rate of speed and direction of an object.
V= D/T
E. Acceleration – Rate of change of velocity.
F. Elasticity – ability of an object to return to its original form after the removal of
deforming forces.
K= ∆F/∆L
G. Inertia – Tendency of all objects to stay at rest if they are at rest, and keep
moving if they are in motion.
H. Energy – The ability to do work.
I. Cen trip etal Force– Force directed in to the center of a circle. Keeps objects from
“flying away” from the circle.
J. Cen tri fu gal – A force that pulls outward and away from the center of the circle.
K. Momentum – Product of an object’s mass and velocity.
L. Resistance – The weight on an object to be moved.
M. Potential Energy – Stored energy of an object due to its position.
N. Work – Product of force and distance applied to an object.
O. Kinetic Energy – The energy of a moving object.
P. Mass - Amount of matter in an object.
Q. Effort – The force exerted.
R. Equilibrium – All forces are in balance and all forces equals zero. ΣF=0
S. Torque – The turning effect of a force.
T. Weight – Measure of the pull of gravity on an object.