The Constitution Handbook

Directions- Complete the following based on the Constitution and the outlines you
were given to study
The Constitution Handbook
Article I- The Legislature
1. The Congress is made up of two houses: The ________________ and The
2. How many Senators are there in Congress?_____ ____________
3. What is representation based on in the House of Representatives?______
4. Give one qualification necessary of a
Senator_______ _________________________________
Representative_______ ___________________________
5. What is the term of office for
Senator______ _______________
Representative_______ ________________
6. What is the main duty of Congress?_______________________________
7-10 List four other duties of the Congress
a._________ ___________________
b._____________ _______________
c.__________ __________________
d.___________ _________________
11. Who is the President of the Senate?________ ___________________
12. In which part of Congress must all tax bills originate?_____________________
13. What is the “Elastic Clause” ?____________________________
14. The office that the House of Representatives elects themselves is called the
_________ ___________ of the House
16. The _________ _____ has the sole power to impeach the President.
Article II – The Executive
1. Who is at the top of the Executive Branch?___________ ______________
2-6. List the five duties of the President and briefly explain.
Duty of President
Brief Explanation
Commander in Chief
Chief Legislator
Chief Executive
Party leader
7. Who serves directly under the President?___________ ______________________
8. What are the top advisors (appointed by the President) called?_______
9. How is the President of the United States elected?_______________________
10. What are the reasons a President may be impeached?
Article III- The Judiciary
1. The Highest Court in the land is _______________________________
2. The Constitution refers to all other courts as “___________________________”
3. How many people serve on the Supreme Court?__________________________
4. How does an individual become a Supreme Court Justice?____________________
5. How long does a Supreme Court Justice serve? _____________________________.
6. Describe the power of Judicial Review?
7. -10 How Does a Bill Become A Law- Describe in full detail the role of each branch
of Government.
Article IV – Relations Among States
1. Main Idea2. If a person is charged with a crime in one state and is caught in another, the
individual must be “delivered up” to the state where the crime was committed.
What is this process called? _______ ________________________
3. What are immunities?_____________ _____________________
Article V1.(What is the title?)
2. What is the main idea?______________________________________________
3. Who has the power to propose amendments to the Constitution? __ ___________
Article VI- Supremacy of the National Government
1. What is the heading of Section 2?________ ____________________
2. What must all members of government do after being elected?__________________
Article VII- Ratification1. How many of the original 13 had to ratify? ________
2. What state ratified to make the document official? ____ ____________________