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John W. Campbell
107 Jeffords court
Phoenixville, PA, 19460
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610-933-5559 - Home
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Spring League 2016 - Rules
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8 field Players and Keeper
Each team must have 7 players present from their roster within 5 minutes
of the games starting time. By halftime they must have 9 players or the
game become a forfeit.
A team having two regular season forfeits will not be eligible for the
playoffs. (a game played with fewer than 9 players but more than 7 will
not be counted against the two forfeit rule).
A coach or adult supervisor must be present for each team for play to
Games are 2 - 25 minute halves with a 5-minute halftime break.
There will be a running clock
Teams players should bring two shirts to the games, one light color and
one dark color.
A player will be substituted for a 5-minute period of game time,
immediately, if she or he receives a yellow card.
Two yellow card to a player in a match is a match penalty. The team will
play full strength.
A player receiving a straight red card will be removed from the match and
receive a one game suspension for their teams next match. The team
plays a player short the remainder of the match for each red card
A player receiving a second, straight red card will be removed from the
A player must participate in 5 regular season games to be eligible for the
One official per game and off sides is in force.
No Slide tackles, the infraction will result in an indirect restart.
Please note, this is a developmental league to afford all teams a venue to
4/19/16, 3:34 PM League Rules 16.htm
train and get ready for the fall season camps. Out of control players will be
warned and if they do not respond they are subject to possible suspension
or removal from the league.
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4/19/16, 3:34 PM
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