Thinking Links

Thinking Links
Directions: Analyze each block and decide which ones go together. Then, color-code the related blocks (the
key is at the bottom). Last, you must explain your Thinking Links and tell how you came up with the answers.
ice cream on a sunny day
ocean water rises in the
a puddle disappears
water placed in an ice cube
tray in the freezer.
drops of water on the mirror
after a hot shower
a snowman begins to drip
drying of clothes on a
clothes line
a cloud in the sky
fogged up windows in a car
water on the outside of a
glass of iced tea
a puddle turns to ice
a popsicle made of juice
a pond turns solid during
the winter
your hair dries after a
butter in a frying pan
chocolate in your mouth
Color Code:
Red: Melting
Blue: Freezing
Yellow: Evaporation
Green: Condensation
Explain your reasoning:
In all the examples of melting, heat energy is being ________________ and the particles in the substances
are moving _____________________.