The Crisis Deepens American Nation 16-3 Section Questions

American Nation
16-3 Section
The Crisis Deepens
Kansas-Nebraska Act (page 468)
1. What issue did the Compromise of 1850 not solve?
2. Who proposed a bill in 1854 for the Nebraska Territory?
3. What were the two parts of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
Support for the Act (page 469)
4. Why did southern leaders support the act?
Northern Outrage (page 469)
5. Why were many northerners outraged with the new law?
6. How did some northerners protest the new law?
The Crisis Turns Violent (page 469)
7. Kansas became a testing ground for ________________ ___________________.
8. Who were most of the new settlers in Kansas? Why did they move there?
9. Abolitionists also brought in ___________ settlers from New England.
10. Proslavery settlers also moved into Kansas, and proslavery bands from Missouri often
rode across the border into Kansas. These people were called___________________.
Two Governments (page 470)
11. Why did Border Ruffians vote illegally in the 1855 elections in Kansas?
12. Why did antislavery settlers refuse to accept the proslavery election results? What did
they do?
13. Kansas had ______ governments and was in chaos!
“Bleeding Kansas” (page 470)
14. A band of __________________ men raided the town of Lawrence, destroying homes
and smashing the press of a Free-Soil newspaper.
15. Abolitionist, _____________________ decided to strike back so he led a band to the
town of Pottawatomie Creek and killed five proslavery settlers there.
16. The killings at Pottawatomie Creek led to ____________ _______________. Both
sides engaged in _____________ ____________, or the use of hit-and-run tactics.
Newspapers started calling the territory ___________________________________
because by 1855 more than _________ people had been ______________.
Violence in the Senate (page 470)
17. What did Charles Sumner do to anger Preston Brooks?
18. What did Preston Brooks do to Charles Sumner? Where?
19. What was the reaction to the violence in the Senate?
Southern reaction –
Northern reaction –
The Dred Scott Case (page471)
20. Dred Scott filed a lawsuit, (a legal case brought to settle a dispute between people or
groups). Dred Scott had been enslaved in Missouri. He moved with his owner to Illinois
and then to the Wisconsin Territory, where slavery was not allowed. Scott with his owner
returned to Missouri. When his owner died, Scott claimed that:
The Supreme Court’s Decision (page 471)
21. The case reached the Supreme Court as ______ __________ v. _______________.
22. The Decision:
o Scott could not file a lawsuit because
o Slaves were considered to be _____________________.
o The court also said__________________________ did not have the power to
outlaw slavery in any territory. This decision meant the
_____________________________was unconstitutional.
The Nation Reacts (page 472)
How did these groups react to the
ruling in the Dred Scott Caase?
White southerners
African American
White northerners